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Baptismal Regeneration: Is It Scriptural? [Brochure]

On the error of baptism for salvation.

Brochure, 9-Point Type, 3.7" x 8.5", 6 pages

#1917, $0.25


Burden Bearer, The: Perfect Through Suffering [Leaflets]

"I kept for nearly a year the flask-shaped cocoon of an Emperor Moth." Excerpted from Comforted of God. …

20-Pack of 4-Page Leaflets, 4 pages

#5366-56, $1.95


Christadelphianism: Astray From the Bible [Pamphlet]

Pamphlet, 36 pages

#1484-68, $1.95

Sorry. This item is out of print.

Christadelphianism: Briefly Tested by Scripture [Booklet]

Christadelphianism makes a great show of appealing to Scripture. Every lover of truth will be well content to judge this system by such an unerring standard. …

Booklet, 24 pages

#3595-68, $1.95


Christian Woman, The [Brochure]

According to John 8:32, knowledge of the truth is linked with freedom. If a woman would be truly "liberated," she should know and conform to the role which God created for her and for which she was created. Adapted from Woman: Her Place in Scripture by A.  J. Pollock. …

Brochure, Abridged, 6 pages

#3227, $0.50


Christian Woman, The [Pamphlet]

Former title: "Woman: Her Place in Scripture."

Pamphlet, 16 pages

#2078-68, $2.95


Comforted of God [Paperback]

A classic collection of short articles and poems that have been a cheer and comfort to many in sorrow and trial. …

Paperback, 110 pages

#1093-22, $9.95


Divine Titles and Their Significance [Paperback]

A survey of the titles (or names) given to God in the Bible.

Paperback, 57 pages

#9443-15, $6.95


Eterna Seguridad del Creyente, La [Librito]

"Mis ovejas oyen mi voz, y yo las conozco, y me siguen, y yo les doy vida eterna; y no perecerán jamás, ni nadie las arrebatará de Mi mano … " (léase Juan 10: 22-31). …

Librito, 28 pages

#4674-62, $0.60


Evolution: Unscientific and Unscriptural [Pamphlet]

The issue is very plain. You cannot intelligently believe in the evolutionary theory and believe in the Bible. The evolutionary theory destroys belief in the Bible; the Bible annihilates belief in the evolutionary theory. …

Pamphlet, 64 pages

#1498-22, $0.95


Exhortation to Young Brethren in the Assemblies, An [Leaflets]

Scripture very plainly teaches that the Holy Spirit is free to lead in praise, worship, or prayer any brother who is present. No brother has a RIGHT to take part, but it is his privelege to do so as led of the Spirit of God. …

20-Pack of 4-Page Leaflets, 1 pages

#7053-59, $1.95


Hades and Eternal Punishment: TEMPORARILY OUT OF PRINT — LATE 2016 RELEASE [Pamphlet]

Today, the reality of eternal retribution is increasingly rejected, even by many who profess to believe the Bible. This booklet clearly and thoroughly addresses the issues. See also: Eternal Punishment. …

Pamphlet, 52 pages

#6502-15, $3.95

Sorry. This item is not yet available.

Hades: As Used in Scripture [Leaflets]

The condition of the rich man in Luke 16.

20-Pack of 4-Page Leaflets, 4 pages

#6501-59, $1.95


Josephus and the Bible [Pamphlet]

Pamphlet, 32 pages

#8328-50, $0.95

Sorry. This item is out of print.

Journey and Its End, The [Paperback]

We are all journeying, the rich and the poor, the young and the old. But where to? The reader, through these gospel stories and pleadings is pointed heavenward by God's one way, the Lord Jesus Christ. Thirty-first edition. Pollock is the compiler, not author, of the stories. …

Paperback, 160 pages

#1672-68, $1.95

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