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Acting in Fellowship in Matters of Discipline [Pamphlet]

When a local assembly acts, it will do so, if it acts rightly, as in the presence of God, by the authority of the Lord, and being guided by the Holy Spirit. Let the brethren of the local assembly deliberate over God's Word on the questions in the midst of them and seek His guidance. …

Pamphlet, 4" x 6.5" x .1", 24 pages

#4563, $0.95


Action of the Holy Spirit in the Assembly, The [Booklet]

I CORINTHIANS 12 The subject, which the apostle covers in this chapter, was one most deeply needed at that time by the Corinthian saints, and is still much needed today. …

Booklet, 31 pages

#1478-56, $1.95


All These Things Happened [Booklet]

Important lessons in assembly life from the end of Judges.

Booklet, 16 pages

#4736, $0.75


Allegory, An: Things Supposed to Illustrate Things That Are [Leaflets]

The unscripturality and inconsistency of ecclesiastical independancy.

20-Pack of 8-Page Leaflets, 8 pages

#1647-56, $2.95


Are You a Member? And of What? [Booklet]

A word to believers on Christian fellowship.

Booklet, 32 pages

#1987-13, $0.25


Assembly Acting in Discipline, The [Booklet]

The ultimate end of discipline should be restoration.

Booklet, 16 pages

#1660, $0.25


Assembly as Judge, The: What Do We Learn From Deuteronomy 17:8-13? [Brochure]

When erroneous doctrine is set forth it also produces consequences.

Brochure, 6 pages

#9056-56, $0.40


Assembly, God's [Pamphlet]

"Endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit."

Pamphlet, 12 pages

#2924, $0.95


Assembly of God, The: The All-Sufficiency of the Name of Jesus [Audio CD]

Audio Album, 2 CDs

#6058, $5.95


Assembly of God, The: The All-Sufficiency of the Name of Jesus [Pamphlet]

Gathering ground, center, power and authority.

Pamphlet, 48 pages

#1453-68, $4.95


Assembly, The: An Outline of Two Aspects as Presented in the Scriptures [Booklet]

Viewing the church as "The Fruit of Counsel" (the body) and "The Fruit of Work" (the house), the captain convictingly concludes: "Even though a saint may not hold a certain evil, he is never clear of evil as long as he continues in fellowship with one who teaches the evil or with those among whom the evil is accepted." …

Booklet, 12 pages

#1886, $0.50


Association With Evil: Does It Defile? [Pamphlet]

Drawing on the lessons of types found in the Old Testament, the lessons of prophecy, and the New Testament teachings concerning moral and doctrinal evils, the author sets forth a clear, Scriptural path for those who would seek to be "vessels unto honor." …

Pamphlet, 32 pages

#5699-59, $2.49


Basic Doctrine, Church Truth, Creation and Other Subjects: 54 Messages [MP3]

MP3 Audio Ministry CD

#1053, $1.95


Behold the Bridegroom!: An Address on Matthew 25:1-13 [Brochure]

Are we ready and waiting?

Brochure, 6 pages

#5329-68, $0.25


Being There, The Sublime Significance of Simply [Brochure]

The portent of our presence in His presence.

Brochure, Large Print, 12.5-Point Type, 3.7" x 8.5", 6 pages

#40119, $0.25

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