Bible Handbook [Hardback]

Bible Handbook by Walter Scott
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Chronologies, Edom, Babylon, Weights, Measures, Coins, Kings of Judah the list seems to go on and on. While you won’t find every cultural reference or little detail you’d like help on in this book, I’m sure you will find a lot of assistance in your study of God’s Word. Unlike The Concise Bible Dictionary where there’s a link to seemingly every subject in alphabetical order, the Bible Handbook is more of a compendium of useful sections in greater depth. I’ve enjoyed reading through a section at leisure on quite a few Lord’s Day afternoons and meditating on the insights it brings into God’s Word.

I’ve owned the previous edition of this book for many years and found it quite helpful. One of my favorite features has been the section on the Divine Names and Titles. It isn’t comprehensive so don’t look for the full list of hundreds of names. Instead it gives 17 different titles such as “Jesus Christ,” “Christ,” “Christ Jesus” and so on. The supporting paragraphs showing how those different terms are used throughout the New Testament have been worth the price of the book to me. They’ve opened up a rich enjoyment of Christ in the epistles for me. Do you know why Paul is the almost exclusive user of the title Christ Jesus? It has to do with him first seeing Christ in glory but the full explanation is well worth the time to read. I have read and profited from other sections but know I’m not likely to read this extensive work cover-to-cover in my lifetime.

If you are about to begin study of a book of God’s Word you might want to start here. Every book of the Bible is given its own outline and a guide to its key features. It’s a great way to orient yourself to the study of that book.