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American Dictionary of the English Language: Unabridged 1828 Facsimile Edition [Hardback]

The classic work by the father of American lexicography. This edition draws heavily on the Authorized (King James) Version of the Bible and is therefore very helpful toward the understanding of KJV vocabulary and usage. Noah Webster was a devout Christian scholar. He also produced an excellent revision of the Authorized Version, but it did not prove popular. His spiritual scholarship shines here. …

Hardback, Green, 8½" x 11" x 2½", 848 pages

#4960-47, $69.95


Are All the Children In? [Leaflets]

20-Pack of 2-Page Poetry Leaflets, 2 pages

#6408-50, $1.95


Art Print Calligraphy Text: (Two Sheds) Jesus Himself drew near, and went with them. Luke 24:15

Full-Color, on Quality Paper, Large 25" x 19"

#4521, $5.95


Because of the Angels [Booklet]

Teaching on head covering from 1 Corinthians 11:3-16.

Booklet, 16 pages

#1927, $0.95


Beware of Leaving Your Little Ones in Egypt! [Brochure]

If there is one point above another in which Christians have failed, it is in this very point of commanding their children and household. A man who knows how to command his house is worthy of God's confidence. …

Brochure, Large Print, 12-Point Type, 3.7" x 8.5", 6 pages

#7345, $0.25


2017 Boys and Girls Daily Calendar: Complete

A daily calendar for boys and girls. Full of gospel stories, activities, and spiritual lessons for children. …

With Back, 736 pages

#2595, $8.75


Cambridge Newtype Large Print Text Bible [Leather]

A presentation edition suitable for use as a Family Bible. A beautiful "coffee-table" book. …

Calfskin, Black, 11-Point Type, 5.7" x 8.5" x 1.2", 1,568 pages

#7873-61, $98.95


Cambridge Royal Ruby Text Bible: TBS 31w Special Occasion Edition [Hardback]

Compact size.

Leathergrain Hardback, White, Silver Edges, Two White Marker Ribbons, 6.5-Point Type, 3.7" x 5.4" x .8', 1,184 pages

#4303-61, $12.95


Choice Service of Women, The [Leaflets]

Wonderful truth well expressed. Author unknown.

20-Pack of 6-Page Poetry Leaflets, 9.5-Point Type, 3.3" x 4.7", 6 pages

#1739-50, $2.95


Christian Home Library Set, The: Foxe's Book of Martyrs and The Pilgrim's Progress [Hardback]

Years ago, after the Bible, The Pilgrim's Progress and Foxe's Book of Martyrs were the two books most commonly found in Christian homes. We believe and recommend that these two volumes should still be prominent and read in every home. Matched volumes — a nice wedding gift. Of course, every home should have a good Bible dictionary and a good concordance as well. …

2-Volume Set, Two-Tone Hardbacks

#40516-82, $16.95


Christian Home, The [Booklet]

Family fundamentals.

Booklet, 16 pages

#8029, $0.95


Christian Home, The [Cassette]


#9328-50, $4.95


Christian Home, The [Paperback]


Paperback, 80 pages

#1207-15, $7.95


Christian Household and the Relative Duties, The [Audio CD]

Audio Album, 3 CDs

#3232, $7.95


Christian Household and the Relative Duties, The [Paperback]

The privileges and responsibilities of husbands, wives and children.

Kivar Paperback, 136 pages

#3231, $4.95

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