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Ann H. Judson of Burma [Paperback]

The story of Mrs. Judson's trials as the devoted companion of her noble husband.

Paperback, 92 pages

#2701-06, $6.99


Bamboo, The Story of the [Booklet]

A parable about suffering and service.

Booklet, 12 pages

#1781, $0.40


Behind the Ranges: The Story of J.O. Fraser [Paperback]

A remarkable account of God's work in and through Fraser among the Lisu of South China. …

Paperback, 304 pages

#2815, $7.95


Blind Chang: The Christian Martyr of Manchuria [Booklet]

A simple story about a simple man.

Booklet, 28 pages

#9748-32, $1.25


Certain Victory [Booklet]

A challenge: Have we left all to follow Him — even if called to the ends of the earth? The message of the resurrection. …

Booklet, 8 pages

#1480, $0.40


China Inland Mission Calligraphy Text, Small Frameable 11" x 8.5": The sun stood still . . . . The iron did swim. This God is our God for ever and ever. Joshua 10:13 2 Kings 6:6 Psalm 48:14

This text hung for many years in the office of the China Inland Mission. Unframed, to fit standard document frame. May be trimmed to fit standard 8" x 10 photo frame. May be matted to fit a 9" x 12" or 11" x 14" frame. Packaged as a ready-to-hang poster. Other texts in this series are available. …

Black Lettering on Antique White Parchment Paper, 11" x 8.5" or 10" x 8", 2 pages

#40908, $1.95


Come Home [Paperback]

A collection of gospel stories and poems to direct a soul to Christ for salvation, comfort and assurance. …

Paperback, 236 pages

#1776, $2.95


C.T. Studd Scenic Poetry Text, Small Frameable 8.5" x 11": (Sunset Sea) Only one life, 'Twill soon be past; Only what's done for Christ will last. For to me to live is Christ. Philippians 1:21

May be trimmed to fit an 8" x 12" frame or matted to fit a 9" x 12" or 11" x 14" frame. Packaged as a ready-to-hang poster. …

Black Print on Full-Color Photo Scene, 8.5" x 11", 2 pages

#40916, $1.95


Exchanged Life, The: A Letter From J. Hudson Taylor to His Sister Amelia [Brochure]

This message has been a blessing to many for over a century.

Brochure, 10.5-Point Type, 3.7" x 8.5", 6 pages

#2666, $0.25


God's Adventurer [Paperback]

A short, interesting account of Hudson Taylor's life and work. Previously titled Hudson Taylor: God's Venturer. …

Paperback, 112 pages

#2665-79, $7.99


Gods Must Be Angry, The [Paperback]

Bradit of Thailand knocked the head off the Happy Idol. He said the Sad Idol did it. What will his father do now? A true story. …

Paperback, 36 pages

#6097-79, $4.95


God's Way of Peace — God's Way of Rest, Power and Consecration — God's Way of Holiness [Audio CD]

God's way is complete in Christ. Have you discovered it? A very helpful basic book  …

Audio Album, 4 CDs

#1002-65, $19.95


Granny Han's Breakfast [Paperback]

Granny Han's God answers prayer! A true story.

Paperback, 24 pages

#4555-79, $4.95


Hudson Taylor: Autobiography [Paperback]

The remarkable true story of a man's love for God and China and his unflinching determination to bring the gospel to the Chinese people in the face of danger and persecution. Former titles: A Retrospect, To China With Love and Looking Back. …

Paperback, 160 pages

#2119-74, $6.99


Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret [Audio CD]

The true source of his unusual usefulness.

Audio Album, 6 CDs, 7.5 Hours

#2914-50, $24.98

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