Christian Friend: Volume 18

The history of the two tribes and a half has its own instruction for us, and illustrates a peculiar character of mind and walk among the saints of God. They do not stand exactly with Lot of the days of Abraham, though in some respects they remind
.... Look at Adam; his faith was in the promised Seed. Was it a king he expected to arrive, or a judge, or a lawgiver? No; but his faith was in the bruised Seed of the woman, therefore he called her Eve-the mother of
How significant of the heart of man it was when Herod, hearing of the works of Christ, said, " It is John, whom I beheaded." A bad conscience is a very lively principle. It acts at once. It takes alarm at the shaking of
Souls, dear——, are enabled to make so short a journey in these days. It used to be an age to pass from death unto life, but now 't is a journey accomplished in haste. And really this is more according to the New Testament
"... I was struck a few days since by a sight of the disciples and their Lord in the matter of feeding the multitude. It gave me to see the two great objects in close and full contrast-man and God, the heart that we carry, and