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Answers to Correspondents [Paperback]

Over one hundred questions concerning spiritual matters — highly practical. A little gold mine! See also: Short Papers. …

Kivar Paperback, 192 pages

#2405, $4.95


Church Questions, Six Letters to a Mother on [Pamphlet]

1. Clergy and creeds. 2. The State (Ruin) of the Church. 3. God's Remedy. 4. God's Plan. 5. Godly Order. 6. God's Provision. …

Pamphlet, 62 pages

#5029-56, $3.00


Continue Thou: A Letter of J.N.D. With Remarks on Receiving [Booklet]

"Continue thou in the things which thou hast learned and hast been assured of, knowing of whom thou hast learned them" (2 Timothy 3:14). …

Booklet, 8 pages

#1902, $0.50


Does Scripture Prohibit Christian Women From Wearing Men's Attire? A Letter Responding to a Brother's Inquiry [Pamphlet]

The tender consciences of sisters in Christ may perhaps be exercised before the Lord that their apparel should on some occasions have a more modest character in order that they might please the Lord more fully. …

Pamphlet, 16 pages

#4001-13, $0.20


Exchanged Life, The: A Letter From J. Hudson Taylor to His Sister Amelia [Brochure]

This message has been a blessing to many for over a century.

Brochure, 10.5-Point Type, 3.7" x 8.5", 6 pages

#2666, $0.25


Extracts From the Letters of Samuel Rutherford [Paperback]

Short pithy meditations selected by Hamilton Smith. See also: Loveliness of Christ  …

Paperback, 96 pages

#5445-22, $10.95


Fifteenth Letter to a Friend: Chapter 15 of Fifteen Letters to a Friend (#9481) [Pamphlet]

Exclusive principles as viewed by C.  H. Mackintosh. Reprinted from "Things New and Old," Vol. 18. …

Pamphlet, 16 pages

#1580, $0.25


Free Will, A Letter on [Brochure]

Men speak about "free Will" as if it were a Biblical term or a Biblical doctrine. It is neither. …

Brochure, 3.7" x 8.5", 6 pages

#1741, $0.25


Letter for You, A [Booklet]

A simple and interesting introduction to God's letter, the Bible. Good gospel message  …

Booklet, 64 pages

#5336-50, $0.95


Letter From a Leper, A [Brochure]

Touching last words.

Brochure, 6 pages

#8339-68, $0.25


Letter From a Marine, A [Booklet]


Booklet, 16 pages

#6405, $0.40


Letter to Professor Tholuck, A [Booklet]

J.N.D.'s testimony as to his personal exercises and how they developed. See also: "A Letter to the Editor of the Francais". …

Booklet, 12 pages

#1671-50, $0.50


Letter to the Editor of the Francais, A: The "Brethren", Their Doctrine, Etc. [Booklet]

"I will communicate … what has led me, and others with me, to take up the position in which we find ourselves...." Written 1878. The Francais was a French Catholic newspaper. See also, "Letter to Professor Tholuck, A". …

Booklet, 16 pages

#2029-13, $1.95


Letters and Papers of Lady Powerscourt, The [Hardback]

The remarkable and edifying writings of Lady Theodosia Anne Viscountess Powerscourt, edited by R. Daly, with a brief biography. …

Hardback, 217 pages

#8456-68, $17.95


Letters of J.N. Darby [Hardback]

Generally considered the most readable and interesting of Darby's prose writings — full of practical spiritual wisdom. …

3-Vol. Set, Hardback, 1,568 pages

#2421, $19.95

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