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Alexander Campbell and His Christian System Today [Pamphlet]

An analysis of the history and doctrines of a prominent denomination variously known as "The Church of Christ," "The Restoration Movement," "Campbellites," etc. …

Pamphlet, 48 pages

#1496, $2.95


Armstrong Heresy, The [Pamphlet]

Though Herbert W. Armstrong's Worldwide Church of God went through a split, the false teaching persists. …

Pamphlet, 24 pages

#1556, $0.95


Astrology - Magic - Divination - Sorcery [Pamphlet]

Sotiety as a whole is increasingly affected by these things, not to mention Halloween  …

Pamphlet, 64 pages

#5928-50, $3.95


Baptismal Regeneration: Is It Scriptural? [Brochure]

On the error of baptism for salvation.

Brochure, 9-Point Type, 3.7" x 8.5", 6 pages

#1917, $0.25


Bullingerism and the Bible [Brochure]

Hyper-Dispensationalism, Ultradispensationalism, the Grace Movement, Mid-Acts Dispensationalism and more confusion have sprung from Bullinger's speculations. This short article addresses the root errors. Former title: "Bullingerism Exploded" …

Brochure, 9-Point Type, 3.7" x 8.5", 6 pages

#41766, $0.25


Can I Trust the Watchtower? The Teachings of the So-Called Jehovah's Witnesses [Leaflets]

Basic doctrines of the Jehovah's Witnesses proved false according to Scripture.

20-Pack of 4-Page Leaflets, 4 pages

#4171-59, $1.95


Christadelphianism: Briefly Tested by Scripture [Booklet]

Christadelphianism makes a great show of appealing to Scripture. Every lover of truth will be well content to judge this system by such an unerring standard. …

Booklet, 24 pages

#3595-68, $1.95


Christian Science in the Light of Holy Scripture [Leaflets]

A helpful little leaflet placing 20 statements from CS literature beside contrasting statements from God's Word. …

20-Pack of 2-Page Leaflets, 2 pages

#1452, $0.95


Christianity, Cults and the Occult: Compare 11 Current Cults with Biblical Christianity [Pamphlet]

Biblical Christianity, Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, Kabbalah, Wicca, Satanism, Astrology & Horoscopes, Spiritualism, Santeria, Vodoo, Theosophy, Anthroposophy, Eckankar. …

Full-Color Laminated Fold-Out Pamphlet, 14 pages

#6421-52, $3.99


Christianity, Cults & Religions: Compare 17 Religions and Cults With Biblical Christianity [Pamphlet]

An overview of histories, key beliefs and practices.

Full-Color Laminated Fold-Out Pamphlet, 12 pages

#6385-52, $3.99


Deity of Christ, Scripture Testimony to the [Pamphlet]

Original title (1848): "More Than One Hundred Scriptural and Incontrovertible Arguments for Believing in the Supreme Divinity of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ." …

Pamphlet, 46 pages

#1852, $1.95


Deity of Jesus Christ, The [Leaflets]

Christ was the Jehovah of the Old Testament, who could say, "Before Me there was no God: I know not any." All the fulness of the Godhead dwelt in Him (and dwells, of course) "bodily". …

20-Pack of 6-Page Leaflets, 6 pages

#3387, $1.95


Demon Possession, The Christian and [Booklet]

Clear and simple teaching on a subject which confuses many.

Booklet, 5.5" x 8.5", 16 pages

#8545-50, $1.50


Did Christ Build His Church Upon Peter? [Brochure]

Christ — -not Peter — -was the foundation of the church. Peter was the one chosen of God to open out the new truth of salvation through a risen and glorified Saviour. …

Brochure, 6 pages

#1972, $0.40


Epic of Man, Review of a Series of Articles Entitled, The [Booklet]

Years ago, LIFE Magazine ran a series or articles which provoked quite a controversy. This is a Scriptural respnse. …

Booklet, 24 pages

#1932, $0.25

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