Ezra [Pamphlet]

Ezra by John Gifford Bellett
Pamphlet, Large Print, 13-Point Type
28 pages
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About This Product

Mixtures with the world are increasingly common. Professing Christians are increasingly blend right in with unsaved neighbors. Ezra provides an excellent, thoughtful, balanced call to proper separation to God. This content also appears in Strength From God.

I found these remarks from Ezra very challenging. “Faith still uses the written Word in all things; it affects nothing beyond its measure; while it does what it can according to its measure. It does not cast away what it has, because it has no more. It does not say, ‘There is no hope,’ and sit idle, because power in certain forms of glory does not belong to us; but it will not imitate power, or fashion the image of what is now departed.”

Whether tired from age, early morning or late nights your eyes will appreciate the large type in this edition.