Food for the Flock: Volume 7

ALL forgiveness is founded on the blessed work of the Lord Jesus. But it is important to distinguish between the pardon which clears us once and forever from all our sins before God, by which we are justified, and have peace with
UNLESS I have learned the character of the flesh in the cross of Christ, I am forever pleading for it-forever sparing it. But if that is what the flesh would do with Christ, what can God do with it but end it? He must dispose
There must be preparation of heart to apprehend the ways and thoughts of God. Walking in the path in which Christ sets us, we can see all things; walking with Christ we get the apprehension of the things belonging to us through Christ.
UK 18:1-30{IN this chapter the Lord looks at the different positions, if I may so say, [in the path of His people upon earth. The seventeenth chapter gives a prophecy of judgment on the earth, which He ends by saying, "Remember Lot's wife." Now He
THE Christian, who knows what it is to be a heavenly man, is down here in a scene where his heart must starve; he will not find a bit of food here; he is fed from above. Christians generally are more like cattle in wintry weather.
Only those who know God can worship Him. I get into the place of perfect acceptance through the work of Christ, and then I worship. None can worship unless in this place of divine favor; but if T sing in the sense of the acceptance
I cannot be right in the present without judging the past, but I cannot mend the past. And, if really humbled, I shall not think I would do it better if I had the opportunity over again; I would fear for myself.
COMMUNION or fellowship excludes everything evil. Consequently there must be limits to it. Scriptural fellowship starts from this basis: that those who know it, that is, Christians, are " in the light." (1 John 1:77But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin. (1 John 1:7).) Consequently it is unknown, save by this company.
"BE careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus." Glory is better than cares. We
OH 16:1-15{NEXT to the importance of the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ to this earth, is the presence of the Holy Ghost upon it; but there is a great difference between the presence of the two. Only faith could recognize the Lord
CT 7:55-60{I HAVE been exercised as to what the practical meaning of the passage through the wilderness is, and would now speak a few words on it in connection with what I have read and with another passage of Scripture-the story of the thief on the
THE time is short, and so the Lord is doing all for us. He is perfecting His own, touching them here and there, so as to help, preserve, chasten, or whatever it may be. What a solemn thing it is to belong to God, but what
OH 17:11-26{I HAVE read this Scripture that, in considering it, we may look a little at what really becomes us in the last days.
IN the fifteenth of John and the chapters connected with it, we get, not the sovereignty of grace towards us, but our responsibility and blessing as we walk in it. The Lord is looking for our walk as disciples consequent upon our position as clean through
In prayer, it is not the lip it comes from, but the ear it goes to, that is the great thing.
AN attentive reader of the Scriptures, under the " unction" and "anointing" of which they speak (much more every such worshipping soul, conversant with the Person of our blessed Lord) must have been often detained by certain parts in the Gospel and Epistles of
May the Lord give us earnest purpose of heart, that we may be ever near enough to Him to draw from Him the grace that we need to glorify Him.
CO 3:1-18{I DESIRE in these lectures to go over very old ground, and look at the different stages in christian life. As the Psalmist says: " Walk about Zion, and go round about her: tell the towers thereof. Mark ye well her bulwarks, consider her palaces."
CO 4:1-18{LAST evening we looked a little at the place in which God has set the believer in Christ. This evening I want to set forth what is the practical side of this. We are entirely of a new stock, as we have already seen: "
UK 14:15-38{OUR subject to-night is, What is the nature of the present portion of the believer.
EB 4:11-16{EB 10:19-23{LAST evening we had what is the Christian's portion, because of association with Christ; " the great supper;" and a new place is what characterizes the great supper. " Your life is hid with Christ."
THE subject for to-night is communion. There is nothing the true heart desires more. And it is not only that my heart desires it, but Christ's heart desires it. This is an immense comfort, and yet it is so little known. We know so little of
THE subject I desire to bring before you this evening is our consecration, and by this I understand not consecration to service, but consecration for service; I desire to look at what consecration to God really is.
THE full character of worship was not known in Old Testament times. The word worship often means only homage; but if I really adore a person, relationship to that person only enhances the character of the adoration. There is worship in the Psalms,
Now we come to the subject of service down here, while we do not lose the bright scene above. That is the place of retirement from which we are made ready to come forth as servants. We come from God. The failure in service is that people very generally
I PLACE discipline after service, for in the very service itself God makes the servant fit to carry it out. A person is first disciplined for service, and then in the service he is made fit by it for the character of it. God has not servants
THESE two Scriptures contain a very different character of instruction. The first, John 17, is the Lord's mind about us; the second, Eph. 4, is our responsibility in connection with knowing His desires about us. It is direct responsibility in Eph. 4; entirely our own responsibility.
SA 7:1-17{TI 3:1-17{TI 4:1-8{THE first mark of an enlightened soul is, that he sees how contrary to God are the things with which he is mixed up; and we may trace the same thing working in the church, that is working in the world. The