Girdle of Truth: Volume 10

" I write unto you, children" [not " little children," but all saints], " because your sins are forgiven you for his name's sake." It is a settled thing; you are not Christians at all without your sins are forgiven you. The poor jailor wanted {s
All God's ways now are presenting His moral manifestation. It will next be His judicial manifestation. If the moral manifestation is not received, " the word that I have spoken shall judge him at the last day." The Lord did not accompany the word
Is there not a lack of a due knowledge of the Father in most saved souls?-a lack of the knowledge of their relationship as sons?-a want of filial affection and of communion with the name, and grace, and love of our heavenly Father? Surely there
I desire to present a few thoughts on the subject of the authority of Scripture, and the grounds on which it claims to be received by us as divine.
At the end of chapter xx. it is written, " These things are written that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and believing, ye might have life through his name." This distinctly informs us that it is one piece
"Unto them that look for him shall he appear the second time without sin unto salvation."- Heb, ix. 28.
In resuming the subject of the coming again of the Lord Jesus, I shall take up in their order the various testimonies of the Gospels and the Acts, and the other books of the New Testament, to this wonderful event, so full of
In the order of Scripture, which, in the prosecution of my subject, I have proposed to make the order of my remarks, the next passage which presents its testimony in the gospels to the coming again of the Lord, is Luke 21.
If we rightly understood and weighed the circumstances under which the Lord took his seat on high; the state of things here; the sense of His rejection which led Him at the close of His ministry (Matt. xxii. 43, &c.) to quote Psalm 110 as indicating the course
On us the age's end is come,
Isaac was seventy-five years old at the death of his father. He was married at forty years of age. His two sons, Esau and Jacob, were born in his sixtieth year, and they were at the age of fifteen at the death of
Oh! may not some of us lay this to heart while we may trace in our own histories the will and self-seeking that has driven us from the path of testimony to the distant land in which we have had to endure discipline for the carnality which
The testimony connected with Joseph properly begins from the time he is made governor of Egypt; and this event occurred shortly after the death of Isaac. Jacob is now dwelling in the land wherein his father was a stranger. Isaac
How varied and precious are the " considerations" set before us in the Epistle to the Hebrews, striking chord after chord in our hearts, and producing note after note of praise! In the first chapter the personal and official dignities and glories of the Lord {s
Popery knows how to make use of the loosening of men's minds from the authority of Scripture, which is now so extensively going on. Infidelity in every form is only negative in its character. But the human mind is not formed to find a rest
Matt. 18
[I send you a brief paper on this interesting book of Scripture. It may differ in its character from your ordinary communications, but I trust it may not on that account be uninteresting or unuseful to your readers.]
I fear the following brief opening up of the structure of the Epistle to the Romans will be very dry; and, with a view to edification, I should prefer to add more by way of application to the heart and conscience. At present that is not
(Ex. 28)