Does God Love the People He Made? [Tract]

A new and very attractive gospel tool with current timely articles and full-color illustrations. The Presentation Edition has larger print, slightly more content and more striking color. …

Presentation Edition, Pamphlet, 32 pages

#9908, $1.95


Gift, The [Tract]

The testimony of C. Chiniquy, famous former Roman Catholic priest. Former titles: The Finished Wonder, The Gift of God and The Gift of Salvation. …

Booklet, 16 pages

#1780-60, $0.75


God's Way of Salvation [Tract]

How God's salvation answers all of man's difficulties and doubts. A gospel classic. Many millions in print in many languages. …

Booklet, Full-Color, 16 pages

#1435, $0.50


Harvest Time [Tract]

An excellent gospel message for children at Halloween time. Engaging, short activities lead directly to their application in the harvest of sin but the mercy of God. …

Full-Color Gospel Mini-Booklet, 4" x 2.75", 16 pages

#9953, $0.25


Jesus Christ Lives [Tract]

Almost all Scripture, introduced by questions or statements that show Christ's birth, life, death and resurrection and our need of Him. …

Full-Color Gospel Mini-Booklet, 4" x 2.75", 16 pages

#7614, $0.25


Letter for You, A [Booklet]

A simple and interesting introduction to God's letter, the Bible. Good gospel message  …

Booklet, 64 pages

#5336-50, $0.95


Marvelously Made [Tract]

Stunning facts about the universe, the earth and the human body lead to a discussion of our responsibility to our Creator and our response to the work of Jesus Christ. …

Full-Color Gospel Mini-Booklet, 4" x 2.75", 16 pages

#2777, $0.25


Matchless Pearl, The [Booklet]

The popular tract in booklet form. A superb salvation presentation.

Booklet, 12 pages

#7735, $0.25


Reason Why, The [Tract]

A businessman's explanation of the gospel to his employees. An effective classic, over 16 million copies of this article have been published in over 30 languages. Former title: Is Faith Reasonable? …

Pamphlet, 32 pages

#1467-50, $0.75


Safety, Certainty and Enjoyment [Tract]

What God has provided through the blood, the Word, and obedience. A proven presentation of the gospel which has helped many to find peace. Former title: The Joy of Assured Salvation. …

Booklet, Full-Color, 16 pages

#1691, $0.50