Do You Know: How Much Blood Your Heart Pumped Last Year? [Tract]

The average heart muscle works hard but can't compare with the heart of God that expresses an eternal love. …

Laminated Tract Card, 2.5" x 3.5", 2 pages

#3879, $6.00


I Wish I Had Someone to Love Me Like That [Tract]

Do you have to hide part of who you are to be acceptable? It doesn't have to be that way. …

Full-Color Tract, 4 pages

#9903, $6.00


True Love [Tract]

All human love has some selfishness stirred into the mix. Go d's love is pure, undeserved and for you. …

Tract Card, 2 pages

#40761, $6.00


2016 You Can Go to Heaven Tract Card [Tract]

Many desirable things won't get us to heaven. Only Christ who died for us can bring us there. Assorted designs. New designs are introduced annually and are usually available for several years thereafter. …

Laminated, 2.375" x 3.5", 2 pages

#9725, $6.00