257. Himself He Could Not Save

by A. Midlane
Himself He could not save,
He on the cross must die,
Or mercy cannot come
To ruined sinners nigh;
Yes, Christ, the Son of God, must bleed,
That sinners might from sin be freed.
Himself He could not save,
For justice must be done;
Our sin's full weight must fall
Upon the sinless One;
For nothing less can God accept
In payment of that fearful debt.
Himself He could not save,
For He the Surety stood
For all who now rely
Upon His precious blood;
He bore the penalty of guilt
When on the cross His blood was spilt.
Himself He could not save,
Love's stream too deeply flowed,
In love Himself He gave,
To pay the debt we owed.
Obedience to His Father's will,
And love to Him did all fulfill.
And now exalted high—
A Prince and Saviour He,
That sinners might draw nigh
And drink of mercy free,
Of mercy now so richly shed,
For Jesus liveth who was dead.