Job and His Friends [Paperback]

Job and His Friends by Charles Henry Mackintosh
72 pages
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In this classic reprint, C. H. Mackintosh focuses on the practical application of God’s truth and not a verse by verse commentary. In his words from page 45, “It would appear, in some cases, the higher the doctrines professed, the lower the walk. There is a wide diffusion of truth in our midst; but where is its formative power?” Find out how these warnings from Job apply to our day.

We often get started going in the wrong direction with one slight wrong turn. We are miles down the road before we discover how far off the track we’ve gotten. Reading how Job misread God’s goodness and plan (and how his eyes were opened) helps to be delivered from similar misdirection our selves. These pages will encourage you to not faint under or despise the correction God allows in trials.