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6" x 12" Hand-Lettered Rustic Plaque: John 3:16

Size, shape and wood tones may vary as each of these is hand-crafted.

Approx. 6" x 12" (Vertical), Black Lettering on Light Wood

#2095-50, $24.95


Does God Love the People He Made? [Tract]

A new and very attractive gospel tool with current timely articles and full-color illustrations. The Presentation Edition has larger print, slightly more content and more striking color. …

Presentation Edition, Pamphlet, 32 pages

#9908, $1.95


God's Unchanging Love [Booklet]

How He loves us! We show it as we know it. Former title: I Love Thee Still. See also: Be at Peace Among Yourselves. …

Booklet, 8 pages

#5784, $0.50


Good Black Doctor, The [Booklet]

On John 3:16.

Booklet, 12 pages

#2603, $0.50


Gospel, The: God's Good News [Booklet]

A wonderful exposition of John 3:16. Former title: Glad Tidings!

Booklet, 48 pages

#1688, $0.95


John 3:16 Calligraphy Text, Small Frameable 11" x 8.5": "For God so loved the world . . . ." Entire verse.

This popular verse features graceful Monotype calligraphy and fits a standard document frame. It may be trimmed to fit an 8" x 10" frame or matted to fit a 9" x 12" or 11" x 14" frame. Packaged as a ready-to-hang poster, this is a great witness item. …

Black Lettering on Antique White Parchment, 11" x 8.5"

#41536, $1.95


John 3:16 Self-Adhesive Verse Sticker Pack

Not fancy; just KJV John 3:16. May also be used to cover addresses on backdated periodicals so that they may be put back in curculation. …

120 Labels, Black on White, Approx. 3.5" x 1"

#2442, $2.95


Large 28" x 22" Scenic Scripture Poster: (Sunrise Seascape) For God so loved . . . everlasting life. John 3:16


Full-Color Photo

#3386, $4.95


Large Plain Scripture Poster: John 3:16


Can be trimmed (or trimmed and matted) to fit 28" x 17" frame.

Black Roman Type on Heavy White Paper, 31" x 21"

#5221, $4.95


Man's Selfishness and God's Love [Booklets]


20-Pack of 8-Page Booklets, 8 pages

#1646-13, $1.95


Moose: The Fireman [Tract]

A remarkable rescue story with a simple, clear presentation of John 3:16.

Full-Color Tract, 4 pages

#2742, $6.00


Pencil, John 3:16: Dozen Pack

BTP's best seller.

12-Pack, Round, Assorted Bright Colors, Black Imprint

#2390, $2.95


Plaster Casting Mold: For God so loved . . . (entire verse). John 3:16

Plastic, 19" x 11"

#2644-48, $8.49


Plaster Casting Mold: Love Never Faileth - John 3:16

Plastic, 5" x 6"

#5192-50, $2.49


Power, Goodness, and Love of God, The [Pamphlet]

A very edifying epic poem by a gifted poet.

Pamphlet, Poetry, 32 pages

#1430, $0.95

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