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Akin to the Man of Sorrows [Leaflets]

On suffering.

20-Pack of 2-Page Leaflets, 2 pages

#4600, $0.95


Behind the Ranges: The Story of J.O. Fraser [Paperback]

A remarkable account of God's work in and through Fraser among the Lisu of South China. …

Paperback, 304 pages

#2815, $7.95


Christian Graces to Cultivate [Leaflets]

Eight spiritual goals. Wisdom to share.

20-Pack of 4-Page Leaflets, 4 pages

#1918, $0.95


Christian Household and the Relative Duties, The [Paperback]

The privileges and responsibilities of husbands, wives and children.

Kivar Paperback, 136 pages

#3231, $4.95


George Muller, The Autobiography of [Paperback]

An inspiring and edifying classic for over one hundred years. Very similar to Answers to Prayer. …

Paperback, 238 pages

#7499-50, $8.95


George Muller: The Guardian of Bristol's Orphans [Audio CD]

The story of a simple man, many orphans, faith, and a great God.

Audio Album, 4 CDs

#6778-50, $19.95


God's Adventurer [Paperback]

A short, interesting account of Hudson Taylor's life and work. Previously titled Hudson Taylor: God's Venturer. …

Paperback, 112 pages

#2665-79, $7.99


God's Smuggler [MP3]

Would the armed guards at the border pass this car loaded with Bibles? A remarkable true account of the adventures of repeatedly taking Bibles behind the iron curtain and of the suffering of Christians under Communism. …

MP3 Audio Album, 1 CD, Unabridged

#9938-50, $19.98


Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners [Paperback]

John Bunyan's autobiography — his early conflicts, conversion and call to service. A classic, full of practical spiritual insights. …

Paperback, Updated Edition, 208 pages

#2847-50, $7.99


Heavenly Man, A [Booklet]

Lessons from the life of Isaac.

Booklet, 20 pages

#4923, $0.50


Homosexuality Sin?, Is [Leaflets]

As long as we are in the body, wicked tendencies of all sorts may be present, but we are to judge such tendencies and, says Paul, "walk in Spirit and ye will not fulfil flesh's lust". Galations 5:16 …

20-Pack of 2-Page Leaflets, 2 pages

#5185, $0.95


Hudson Taylor: Autobiography [Paperback]

The remarkable true story of a man's love for God and China and his unflinching determination to bring the gospel to the Chinese people in the face of danger and persecution. Former titles: A Retrospect, To China With Love and Looking Back. …

Paperback, 160 pages

#2119-74, $6.99


Man of God, The [Booklet]

His moral qualities.

Booklet, 40 pages

#1659, $0.95


Man of God, The: 2 Timothy 3:17 [Leaflets]

What characterizes the "man of God" in this day.

20-Pack of 2-Page Leaflets, 2 pages

#1485, $0.95


Moral Glory of the Lord Jesus Christ, A Short Meditation on the [Hardback]

A sublime study of the character of Christ as displayed in His life. See also: Son of God. …

Hardback, 80 pages

#1350-13, $10.95

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