Present Testimony: Volume 12

It is most lovely to see the way in which David takes refuge in God at the very time His hand was upon him in chastening. He had been away from Him for months, whilst the numbering was going on. But God loved His child,
The Epistle of John has a peculiar character. It is eternal life manifested in Jesus, and imparted to us. The life which was with the Father, and which is in the Son. It is in this life that believers enjoy the
Rich and deep secrets of the divinest character are to be found in this epistle.
The First Epistle of Peter is addressed, to believers among the dispersed of Israel found in those provinces of Asia among which are named in the first verse. The Second Epistle declares itself to be a second, addressed to the same persons; so that the
2The second Epistle of John warns the faithful against the reception of those who do not teach the truth respecting the person of Christ. The third encourages believers to receive and help those who teach it. Accordingly, they both, and the second especially, lay
The Second Epistle of Peter is even more simple than the first. Like those of Jude and John, it is written essentially with a view to the seducers, who, with large promises of liberty, beguiled souls into sin and licentiousness-denying the coming of
My cheerful soul now all the day
There is a whole class of subjects, connected with that thread of truth that runs right through Scripture,
which demands consideration from those who desire full light in reading the Revelation.
How can I draw others out of the world, if I am myself lagging behind in it? When in the spirit a man is active in following Jesus and serving Him; and when the flesh is denied for this end, then the life gets
"The longer I live, the more deeply do I feel the value and importance of those mottoes:- 'The Regions beyond'-and, 'Let us go again." C. H. M.
The Obedience Of Faith.
Adam: innocent and blessed; his creature-blessedness to continue so long as he owned the authority of God's Word and did not touch one tree:
Owing to Joseph's two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh, being brought-in in place of Joseph-there are thirteen instead of twelve tribes. In speaking of the twelve tribes, one of the thirteen is commonly omitted. Attention may well be called to this; and the inquiry raised
"Most men think that there is much to be settled by and bye. Their own choice now cannot be settled by and bye. It is their own choice now that settles the judgment by and bye. Thus much is settled now. ' He that believeth not is
1. To many I would especially commend, at the present moment, the study of the parable of the sower (Matt. 13).
1. Luke 15,-The truth which was dominant in the blessed Lord's mind at this time seems to me to have been-neither that of the privileges or experience of disciples, nor that of the way of making man such; and though, doubtless, it had
How wonderful is the grace which we are now considering!
Gen. 48 and 49 introduce us to a scene of great moral beauty; every element of which tells us how divine is its order, depth and harmony. Not only does it present to us a comprehensive range of the counsels of God, in connection with His earthly
The Epistle of James is not addressed to the Church; and does not take the ground of apostolic authority over the persons to whom it is sent. It is a practical exhortation, which still recognizes the twelve tribes and the connection of the
In none of the gospels is the glory of the Son of God so fully presented to us as in that of John. The blessed name of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, has indeed the very basis of its truth
1Jude, the servant of Jesus Christ, and brother of James, to them that are sanctified by God the Father, and preserved in Jesus Christ, and called: (Jude 1)THE Epistle of Jude develops the history of the apostasy of Christendom, from the earliest elements that crept into the Church to corrupt it, down to its judgment at the appearing of our Lord. A very short Epistle, and containing, instructions presented
My Dear Brother, -I am not sorry to know with some distinctness what the views of those who maintain the law to be the Christian's rule of life are; and what the arguments by which they maintain their opinions. I desire, but without controversy, to consider
It is very important to have this one thing ever before the mind, that the Holy Ghost is working steadily towards the separation of the Bride not only from what would defile, but from all that would enfeeble attachment,-to Him who is worthy. Christ cannot be satisfied
Lord Jesus, come!
The maintenance of the full revealed truth is the only true testimony; or means of restoration in failure. This is the point which I propose to dwell on for a little; and the principle which I desire to authenticate is this; that man knows nothing of {s
My relationships with God are entirely on the footing of Christ, the Second Adam. I can have none of my old life, or extraction, or doings,-have anything at all to say to it. Flesh cannot be in relationship with God. As a natural {s
"By faith Rahab perished not with them that believed not."
This chapter contains a most magnificent chain of glories which are connected with our adorable Lord and Savior.
I have thought that a few remarks upon these subjects might, at the present moment, tend to help some to discern things that differ. In conscious weakness (such, indeed, as none but the God of all grace could stoop to use and own), I make the attempt.
In pursuing the present explanation of the Apocalypse, I shall endeavor to give all the light which I may have acquired; but with the fullest acknowledgment, that many parts remain obscure; and explaining, what I judge to be clear, without, in all things, teaching it as ascertained
When the Lord had, on the day of Pentecost, formed a new people for Himself, He not only added to the Church daily such as should be saved, but, as it was His people, He also displayed His own wisdom, and exercised His own
A closer examination of the Churches will lead us to see, that in the four first, where there is blame (in the Epistle to Smyrna there is none) and threatened judgment, the threat is to be executed not on the Angel but on the Candlestick in
Nothing, except personal salvation and the soul's communion with our God, can be of greater importance or of deeper interest to the Christian, than the testimony which God has rendered to himself in this world of darkness. Moreover, both salvation and communion depend
This divine discourse on the House of God, the House of this Dispensation, is brought forth by reason of an inquiry made of the Apostle by the saints at Corinth, touching their further fellowship with idol sacrifices.
23But every man in his own order: Christ the firstfruits; afterward they that are Christ's at his coming. (1 Corinthians 15:23)What a scene of indescribable glory that will be, when the Lord Himself shall descend to gather His redeemed to the home He has prepared for them! What a moment of unsullied delight, when at the shout, the voice of the archangel, and the trump of
Everything is beautiful in its season, and truth is healthful to the soul, when ministered in season and in measure.