33*. Rest My Soul, the Work Is Done

by Mary Bowley
Rest my soul, the work is done,
Done by God's almighty Son;
This to faith is now so clear,
There's no place for torturing fear.
Not through works of weary toil,
Comes the sunshine of God's smile;
Won by Christ, if found in Him,
Brightly falls the glorious beam.
With belief in Jesus blest,
We are entering into rest;
He who full salvation brought,
In us all our works hath wrought.
Come, my soul, take up the cross,
Count the gain, despise the loss;
Labor for and with the Lord
Brings exceeding great reward.
Free from every fear of wrath,
Choose the laborer's happy path,
Tread the way which Christ hath trod,
Till the sabbath of thy God.