191. Still in a Land of Drought and Dearth

by Mary Bowley
Still in a land of drought and dearth,
Our longing spirits cry
To Thee, the Lord of heaven and earth,
Our thirst to satisfy.
O Thou with love more strong than death,
Unquenched by deepest waves;
We need throughout the walk of faith
The same free grace that saves.
We would not take from falsehood's fire,
Though glittering be the spark;
Thou only art our heart's desire,
Art light where all is dark.
Dark unbelief alone can shroud
A Sun that sets no more;
And when Thy grace removes the cloud,
We see Thee as before.
We soon shall join the white-robed throng,
We soon shall walk by sight;
Till then by faith we raise the song,
By faith in Thee delight.