The King's Cupbearer

The great Rab-shakeh, magnificently attired in all the brilliancy of Oriental costume, was walking towards the city gate. Above him stretched the deep blue sky of the East; about and around him streamed the warm rays of the sun. It was the month of
It was midnight in London, in the year 1665. The houses were closed and barred, but strange, lurid fires were lighted in every street. A stifling odor of burning pitch and sulfur filled the air, and from time to time came the heavy rumble of {s
Men have tried for many years to count the number of stars in the heavens, but each new telescope that man develops only shows more and more. Galaxies beyond galaxies appear with each newer and more powerful telescope, until we can only say that it is impossible to
Once a year at the University of Cambridge in England there is a day called Commemoration Day. On that day, in each college chapel, a list of honors is read containing the names of all those who, in times gone by, gave money
Picture in your mind’s eye a calm and quiet sea, blue as the sky above it. Not a wave, not a ripple is to be seen; it is smooth as polished silver, shining like a mirror, peaceful and still. On the sea is a
A great cry, a piercing cry, raised by hundreds of voices, resounded through the streets of the city and was echoed by the surrounding hills. What could be the matter? What could be the cause for this mournful wail?
Lot’s wife was changed into a pillar of salt, and if that pillar still remained, we should see her today standing in exactly the same attitude in which she was standing when death overtook her.
The Tarpeian Rock was the place where Roman criminals who had been guilty of the crime of treason were executed. They were thrown headlong from this rock into the valley below, and perished at its base. The rock took its name from a woman named Tarpeia whose
Who was the strongest person who ever lived? Surely there is no difficulty in answering that question; surely there has never been anyone to compare with Samson in wonderful feats of strength! Did he not alone and unaided tear a young lion in two, as easily as if
Merrily the Christmas bells were chiming in the old city of York on Christmas morning in the year 1890, when suddenly there came a change. The merry peal ceased and was followed by the quiet, sorrowful sound which always speaks of mourning and death: a muffled
We all love our native land, yet none of us love it as the Jews loved Jerusalem. We have only to open the book of Psalms to see how dear the city of their fathers was to the heart of the Jews.
In the time of the terrible siege of Jerusalem, when the Roman armies surrounded the city, when famine was killing the Jews by hundreds, and when every day the enemy seemed more likely to take the city, history tells us that a strange thing happened. Some
The sky was brilliant and cloudless. The snow-clad mountains stood out clear in the distance while the air was laden with the scent of orange and lemon groves, and the sweet fragrance of thousands of lilies. Nehemiah, the Tirshatha, was once more in Shushan; he
What an objection some people have to strong measures! They see around them, among those under their influence, a great deal going on which is downright evil. You call upon them to put a stop to it, and to do all in their power to prevent
Many of us have heard of the adventures of Robinson Crusoe, and we have all pitied the man, alone on a desert island, without a friend, never hearing any voice but his own, being able to exchange thoughts with no one, solitary, desolate.
How fond some people are of collecting old books, and what a tremendous price people will pay for them! Those who possess a book which is four or five hundred years old may put their own price upon it, for some antiquarian will be sure to purchase it.