The Remembrancer: 1896

EB 11:8-18{Quite a new principle was brought to light when God began to deal with Abraham; i. e., the principle of calling out. God distinctly called Abraham. Many other things are connected with Abraham, as father of the faithful, and a pattern
In Hebrews, faith is looked upon as an active principle of endurance and conduct; reliance on God's word through grace for practice. In Romans, it is the principle on which we are justified, in virtue of Christ's work, the ground o f peace. In the former
The events of the book of Ruth unfold themselves in the midst of the sorrowful circumstances that characterized the administration of the Judges, and yet there is nothing in common between the line of thought of this narrative and of that which preceded it. The book
UT 1{" Now it came to pass in the days when the judges ruled, that there was a famine in the land " (ver. 1). These words indicate the special circumstances of the scene. We are in the days of the judges, in the land of Israel,
The confidence of faith is to be manifested in the Christian life as a whole. Christians are often brought to a stand, through measuring their own strength with temptation, instead of exclusive reference to God. They go on well up to a certain point.
Oh, wondrous grace, that makes more dark my sin,
How refreshing it is to our souls to think of the grace of God; for what do we not owe to that grace? May the God of all grace guide us, whilst for a little we dwell upon this blessed aspect of His character towards us {s
JO 4:8{The expression, repeated over and over in verse 7 of 1 John 4, is " love;" and in verse 8 it is repeated again, winding up with, " God is love."
UT 2{We have seen in the first chapter the beautiful expression of faith on the part of Ruth. Beautiful too in effect, for such characterizes everything that comes from God. Did not Jesus Himself marvel at the centurion of Capernaum, who, by faith, acknowledged his
Oh! the peace forever flowing
The resurrection and glory of the Lord Jesus is a great fact. Whether we will hear, or whether we will forbear, there it is, and cannot be gainsayed. And further, we have to do with it, and cannot escape from the application of it to
UT 3{Naomi, we have said, presents not only an example of experience but of intelligence. She is happy that Ruth should have found such a guide. Naomi commands, but her commands are not grievous, being those of love. " My daughter, shall not seek rest
We may receive a benefit from a person, and be assured of a hearty welcome to it, and yet feel ourselves ill at ease in his presence. Nothing is more common than this. Gratitude is awakened in the heart very deeply, and yet reserve and uneasiness are felt. It
(Lines suggested by a morning ride to I. H. R'y Station, Canada.)
I thought of Him who died for sin,
But now, as slowly waned the night,
When the trav'ler weary,
' But now at last, to end my story,
When we speak of Israel's wand'rings,
Hail! all hail that cloudless morning,
It has been truly said by some one that the Oki. Testament Scriptures end with the hope of the coming of the " Sun of Righteousness;" and the New, with that of the " Morning Star." Sweetly beautiful is this! The godly remnant
UT 4{Naomi spake truly. Boaz could not give himself rest, until he had accomplished the work which his goodness and energy had undertaken. lie wished that the one he loved might find rest and that it might be well with her (3:1), and he knew that she
XO. 21:5, 6{( An old hymn slightly altered.)
XO 21:2-6{It will be profitable to look at what Scripture says about the Lord Jesus as " The Servant," and to meditate a little season on the moral glory attaching to Him as such.
My Jesus! Savior! yet this soul of mine
CO 5:14-16{The thought uppermost in my mind, in reading these verses, is just as simple as it is of all importance, and that is, beloved brethren, what are we living for? A weighty question, I need not say, and it is of moment to our souls that
DELIVERANCE ( Concluded).
The courage, patience, firmness and zeal of a Christian are a perfectly distinct order of character from the courage, firmness, patience and zeal of a natural man- self-confidence, self-glory, self-preservation, self-exaltation, are the essential principles of one; confidence in God, self-renunciation, subjection to God,
" The friendship of the world is enmity with God; whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God." Powerful testimony! which judges the walk and searches the heart. The world's true character has now been manifested, because it has
These are days when things are breaking up. Infidelity is rising like a surging flood on every hand, and that which is affecting the world is affecting the Church. Old landmarks are being rapidly swept away, and'-those of yesterday are not those of to-day. The plenary
UK 21:28{Lift up your heads! ye drooping ones—
MATTHEW. 25:1-13.
Scarcely had died away the rapturous notes of Israel's joy and exultation, because of their deliverance from all the power and malice of Egypt, before they are made to feel the barrenness and dearth of the wilderness. With what high and elated thoughts of
The exhortation through Ephesians is of a peculiar character: I think generally believers in the present day are not sufficiently aware that it is an exhortation based and built on the fact that we have got the life that expresses itself in the particular way which this
Who are these whose faces are irradiate
(PSALMS. 84)
(NUMBERS. 15:37-41; COLOSSIANS. 3:1.)
It was when Israel mocked the messengers of God, despised His words, and misused His prophets, that the wrath of the Lord arose against His people, till there was no remedy. Josiah and Jehoiakim reigned over Judah just before the Babylonish captivity.
A few years ago I had the privilege of being present at an interview between an evangelist and a venerable servant of the. Lord. Having before me all the fellow-laborers in the vast harvest field who may read these lines, I will relate the last words
Chapter 22-It was the object of the enemy to hinder God's people from the enjoyment of the land God had promised to bring them into. It was not now a question of getting out of Egypt. They were brought out, and nearly at the end of the way.
The cloud which conducted Israel through the wilderness was the servant and the companion of the camp. But it was the veil or the covering of the glory also. Commonly it appeared in the sight of Israel only as a cloud, and the
As we have no place on earth, but are called out of it, our place now must necessarily be only known to faith and held by faith; and if I am not in faith, I must lose sight of my place. The word of God gives
HI 3:20{We were nearing the end of what had been a very fatiguing journey of over twenty miles, from G— to A—, upon a keen frosty morning, with the thermometer ranging about 25 below zero. Already one or more of our little party had in a measure succumbed to the
In the declining days of the house of David, as we see in 2 Chron., the Spirit of God occasionally visits. The Lord sends His prophets, " rising up early and sending them;" and those prophets warned, and threatened, and counseled, " till there was
" For we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord; and ourselves your servants for Jesus' sake."- 2 Cor. 4:55For we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord; and ourselves your servants for Jesus' sake. (2 Corinthians 4:5).
It was not to her brother's new-made grave,
For the unbeliever nothing can be more terrible than death. It is justly and scripturally called " the king of terrors " (Job 18:1414His confidence shall be rooted out of his tabernacle, and it shall bring him to the king of terrors. (Job 18:14)). It is the judicial close of the first Adam. What is beyond? It is not merely so for the animal nature,
The resurrection after all is that which is the full and perfect deliverance from the whole effect and consequence of sin. At the same time it shows that what God has predestinated us to is an entirely new estate and condition of things
Nature to the mind attentive,
I would say a word as to the way in which Christ may be considered as our food. He may be looked at as the food of the Christian in three ways.- First, as a redeemed sinner; secondly, in connection with sitting in heavenly places in Christ; and
In Num. 19 we learn the excessive jealousy of the lord about sin, not in the sense of guilt, but defilement. This He measures by His sanctuary. We have to do with it, and nothing unclean can be allowed. We are “clean every whit"
" Sanctify them by Thy truth, Thy word is truth." This is a saying much to be remembered. It teaches us that we are not to make ourselves the judges of what sanctification or holiness is; God's word is to determine this; because holiness is
The characteristic of a person who has his ear open to the Lord is watching. " Blessed are those servants, whom the lord, when he cometh, shall find watching; verily I say unto you, that he shall gird himself and make them to sit down to meat,