Things New and Old: Volume 16

If ever there was a moment, in the history of the professing church, in which it behooved people to have divine authority for their path, and divine power to pursue it, this is the moment. There are so many conflicting opinions, so many jarring voices, so
In the life of Margaret, the Saxon queen of Malcolm III., of Scotland, we have a curious but interesting example of the evil effects of a false ecclesiastical system on a truly pious mind. She was fortunate in having obtained a good education, and had a good. {s
There can be no question as to the application of the familiar type of the brazen serpent. The Lord Himself has explained its import in His memorable words to Nicodemus, and thus precluded all mere effort of imagination. " As Moses lifted up the
The simplest incident will sometimes awaken the deepest reflection and lead the thoughts into the most blessed paths of profitable meditation; especially if a name which has a ready answer in the heart is mentioned.
In one of the humble dwellings of the poor, not very far from London, there lived and died, some years ago, a dear, dear little boy, only eight years old. But young though he was, he had learned at the Sunday school to know and love Jesus. At
Alone, in the secret of the divine presence, separated for a little while from the outer world, and even from the activities of the Lord's work, let thy thoughts be engaged, 0 my soul, with that which will lead thee into the closest and sweetest {s
The promises first made to Abraham in chapter 12. are now confirmed to Isaac—the dead and risen boil.—and others are added. There must always be an increase of blessing to the soul in every fresh sacrifice that we make for God. Abraham now
Abraham, now old and well-stricken in age, is here seen in the full intelligence and power of his position and character as a man of God—as God's man in that place. All he says and does proves this. He had the mind of God. But
The character of the agreement between Abraham and his servant, clearly reveal to us the position of Isaac at that time. He was with his father in the land of Canaan, and there he was to remain until a bride was found
Abraham's servant, the steward of his house, having sworn to his master concerning the matter, departed for Mesopotamia, the city of Nahor. (Vers. 9, 10.) Isaac is maintained in the place of separation. and the servant goes forth from the father to seek
(Gen. 22; 23; 24)
In visiting, a short time since, in a town in the north of England, I had occasion to call to see a person in a back street in a district with which I was not familiar. Not being sure of my way, I addressed a boy whom I
1. " N. N." Your case commands our deepest sympathy; but we could not attempt to reply to either of your questions in the pages of a Magazine. This your own moral sense will approve. We were unable to send you a personal reply within the time you named.
8. " J. F.," Boness. Heb. 12:77If ye endure chastening, God dealeth with you as with sons; for what son is he whom the father chasteneth not? (Hebrews 12:7) teaches us, most surely, to leave ourselves wholly in God's hands, whatever be the character or measure of the chastening. It helps most blessedly to this end to bear in mind that God is dealing with us as sons.
14. "Daisy," Torquay. The publisher is the one to whom you should apply.
34. " Mary." Your communication was entirely too late for our April issue. Our reply is summed up in that pointed inquiry of the prophet, " Can two walk together unless they be agreed?" Let nothing induce you to link yourself with one who is not one
40. " L. E. D.," Gravesend. Accept our warmest thanks for your most delightful letter. It has greatly refreshed and encouraged us. May the dear Lord abundantly bless you!
52. " A.," Bristol. We do not wonder at your being " much perplexed" if you could imagine for a moment that " a sweetly taught child of God" could give utterance to such a sentiment as that she " lives a sinless life." Do you not remember
58. " Letitia," London. Judging from the earnest tone of your letter we cannot doubt the reality of the Spirit's work in your precious soul. What you want, now, is settled rest of conscience in the finished work of Christ, and rest of heart
64. " S. J. L.," Islington. We do not know of any meeting there.
78. " K. P.," Tunbridge Wells. Scripture nowhere teaches that Christ bore the sins of the world. Had He done so, then no one could ever be lost. It is utterly impossible that Christ could have borne the sins of anyone, and that one not be
80. " J. L.," Forest Hill. We could not recommend the printing of your lines; though we have no objection to offer to the use you make of the incident.
There are two ways of looking at death—two standpoints from which to view it; and no human language can set forth all that is involved in the solemn and weighty question—" How do I look at this profound mystery of death?"
It is difficult to speak or write without deep feeling when dwelling on that awful word, and with so many on every side who are utterly careless as to its dread reality. " If any man love not the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be {s
The intimacy between the Lord and His elect is beyond, we may say, what is known elsewhere. Angels do His pleasure, wait in His presence, have kept their first estate, and excel in that strength that serves Him. But they are not where elect sinners are. They learn,
When Bulstrode Whitelocke was dispatched as Cromwell's envoy to Sweden, in 1653, he was much disturbed in mind, as he rested at Harwich the preceding night—which was very stormy—as lie thought upon the distracted state of the nation. It happened that a confidential servant slept in an adjacent
Who Ought To Be Helped. Tile Egyptian hieroglyphic of charity is very striking and suggestive,—a naked child, with a heart in his hand, giving honey to a bee without wings. 1. A child, humble and meek. (Matt. 18:33And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 18:3).) 2. With a
"Faith," says Archdeacon Law, " is the brightest star in the firmament of grace. High is its origin—for it is born in heaven. Lowly is its abode—for it dwells on earth in the hearts of the redeemed. Mighty are its deeds—for it prevails with
God's sovereign will to do anything is enough for the creature to bow to. That sovereign will, will always be consistent with His own nature. Confidence in God's character quiets my soul. Reasoning gives me no comfort about anything—Believing does.
Those who know heaven to be their home can look upon all things now as a stepping-stone helping them on up there.
It was the beautiful reply of a child when asked " What is faith?" and she answered, " Doing God's will, and asking no questions."
" Faith is the soul's outward not inward look. The object on which faith fixes its eye is not the heart's ever-varying frames, but the never-varying Christ."
Our hope is not hung upon such an untwisted thread as " I imagine so," or " It is likely"—but the cable, the strong rope, of our fastened anchor, is the oath and promise of Him who is eternal verity; our salvation is fastened with
There lived in a certain village an aged disciple, in what men would call very poor circumstances. She had, as we say, no visible source of supply; but she depended upon the living God to meet her daily need; and no one who does so can ever
Two servants of the Lord went, on one occasion, to preach the gospel at a village, about five miles from the town where they resided. The enemy sought to hinder, as he ever does, and stirred up certain of that class so aptly designated, in the Acts
Did we but enter, with a more artless faith, into the truth that there is a real Man—the Man Christ Jesus, One whose sympathy is perfect, whose love is fathomless, whose power is omnipotent, whose wisdom is infinite, whose resources are exhaustless,
How much is wrapped up in these few words – “God for us!” They form one of those marvelous chains of three links so frequently found in Scripture. We have “God” linked on to “us” by that precious little word “for.” This secures everything, for {s
In pursuing what we may truly call the golden chain of evidence in proof that God is for us, we have dwelt upon the two precious facts of the gift and the death of His Son. We have traveled from the bosom to the cross,
As the good Shepherd, the blessed Lord died for His sheep. " I am the good Shepherd: the good Shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.... As the Father knoweth me, even so know I the Father; and I lay down my life
The little word which we have just penned occurs in the first epistle to the Corinthians, chapter 7:28, where the inspired writer enumerates the various gifts and orders of ministry in the assembly. " God hath set sonic in the church; first, apostles; secondarily, prophets; thirdly,
It is marvelous, and yet not marvelous, to note the way in which Satan disputes every inch of the ground, in the grand question of Israel’s deliverance from the land of Egypt. He would allow them to worship in the land, or
The moment a sinner takes his true place, as one thoroughly lost, guilty and undone—as one who is so bad, that he cannot, possibly, be worse, there is an immediate, a divine settlement of the entire question of sin. The grace of God deals with sinners;
"Do you ever feel heavy and dull in private prayer, and not at all up to the mark?" said a dear experienced pastor to a young disciple. "Indeed. I do," said she. " And what do you do?" said he. " Well, I would rather that
The sentence which we have just penned occurs in Paul’s second Epistle to his beloved son Timothy – an epistle marked, as we know, by intense individuality. All thoughtful students of Scripture have noticed the striking contrast between the two Epistles of Paul to Timothy.
To all whose eyes have been opened to see their true condition, by nature – who have been brought under the convicting power of the Holy Spirit – who know aught of the real meaning of a broken heart and a contrite spirit
Having considered, in our last two numbers, the deeply interesting question of “A man in nature” and “A man in Christ,” it remains for us, now, to dwell for a little, in the third and last place, on the thoroughly practical subject suggested by the title of this
The mere dry doctrines of what theologians and reasoners call " the full assurance of faith, and the final perseverance of the saints," are widely different things to the calm repose of a soul which has found its home and rest in the presence of {s
There are two great practical questions which imperatively demand, as they, most assuredly, deserve, the attention of every serious, thoughtful person. The first question is, What is the basis of peace? The second, What is the secret of progress? We do not mean to enlarge, but merely offer a
The period during which our blessed Lord lay in the tomb must needs have proved a dark and bewildering Moment to many of those who looked for redemption Israel. It would demand a calm, clear and vigorous faith to raise the heart above the
It is impossible to read this charming section of inspiration and not be struck with what we may venture to call the rallying power of a risen Savior's voice and presence. We see the dear disciples scattered hither and thither, in doubt and perplexity, fear and despondency—some running
What depth, power, and fullness in the brief passage which we have just culled from the book of Jonah! What a truth it presents to the heart! " Salvation is of the Lord." It is not of man, nor by
"Salvation is of the Lord." Precious words! Most precious to all those to whom the Holy Ghost has interpreted the meaning and force of that one little word " lost." Only such can really understand them. When Jonah uttered these words, he was, in
So said a little girl to her mother one clay, when feeling lonely and sorrowful after the death of a little brother. They had been loving companions, constantly together, and she, being the elder, no doubt exercised a watchful care over him, and felt a personal interest
We want the reader to turn aside with us for a few moments, and meditate upon those three crosses. If we mistake not, he will find a very wide field of truth opened before him in the brief but comprehensive record given at the head of this
Having dwelt, for a little, on that marvelous center cross to which the Lord of Glory was nailed, for our redemption, we shall now turn to the other two, and seek to learn some solemn and weighty lessons front the inspired record concerning the men who
The case of the penitent thief furnishes a very fine illustration of Peter’s weighty sentence, “Repent and be converted.” It teaches us in a clear and forcible manner, the true meaning of repentance and conversion – two subjects so little understood – so sadly clouded by
A christian gentleman, in the south of England, once posted up the following notice outside his gate, " Whosoever will call up at my house, to-day, shall receive a ten pound note."
How often we may learn a most valuable lesson from some trifling incident of daily life! We remember, once, a dear, loving, charming little boy who was in the constant habit of coming to his father's study whenever he wanted anything. If lie wanted his ball settled, or
"And Jesus sat over against the treasury, and beheld how the people cast money into the treasury; and many that were rich cast in much. And there came a certain poor widow, and she threw in two mites, which make a farthing."
It is safer far to speak of the results of a brief gospel mission a year after than just at the time. So much interest is awakened, it may be in a quiet country town, by such occasional visits that nearly the whole place is aroused. Like the