1 Corinthians 1 - January 1, 1995

 •  3 min. read  •  grade level: 8
The next two letters (epistles) that we have recorded in our Bible are those Paul wrote to the believers in the city of Corinth. Paul loved these believers very much, for they had been saved through his preaching. He was their spiritual father and he had very deep affection and concern for them and their spiritual welfare.
The Corinthian believers were in great spiritual difficulty because of their worldly ways (carnality). They had wealth, intelligence and many other outward signs of prosperity. Sad to say, however, they were living just like the world around them so that it was difficult for the heathen Corinthians to see any difference in these Christians’ lives.
Paul was inspired by God to write two letters to the assembly in Corinth in which he has to correct many things that were wrong there and which contain solemn warnings to them and to all believers through the ages. It is also nice to see how First and Second Corinthians come in order in our Bible right after Romans.
In Romans the way a holy and righteous God can reach out in blessing to lost man is presented. Then in First and Second Corinthians the conduct of those who belong to the Lord and that which is pleasing to Him is presented. Godly order and care in the assembly forms a large part of these letters. How important that believers study these wonderful epistles and seek by His grace to walk according to the doctrines and principles presented in them!
1. Though Paul was about to write some very stern and solemn words to his beloved children in Corinth, he opens his first letter by telling them how thankful he was for them and for the way in which God had blessed them. What two elements did Paul tell the Colossian believers should always be found in their talk? Colossians 4:___
2. Though rich in wisdom and gift, the Corinthians were not living faithfully as children of God. God, in His blessed faithfulness, inspired Paul to write some very strong warnings to them. How does Proverbs describe words that sometimes hurt though spoken by those who love us? Proverbs 27:___
3. The first sign of problems in the assembly at Corinth was the divided opinions that the believers had. They were not practically “endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit.” What is necessary before two individuals can walk in unity with each other? Amos 3:___
4. The Corinthians were attracted by (and no doubt possessed much) natural wisdom. But man’s wisdom can never enter into the understanding of the preaching of Christ crucified. What comparison does God make between His thoughts and ways and ours? Isaiah 55:___
5. The Corinthians (and all believers), who were glorying in themselves and their gifts, were told that the only object worthy of glory is the Lord. How did the Apostle Peter tell the suffering Jewish believers to react to their trials and persecutions? 1 Peter 4:___