1 Corinthians 14 - December 3, 1995

 •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 8
We continue our study of First and Second Corinthians. In chapter 14 the Apostle takes up a specific gift (tongues) and how the Corinthian believers were to use it. The formation of the assembly on the day of Pentecost was marked by a special demonstration of the power of the Spirit of God, which caused the disciples to speak with tongues in order that those Jews present who spoke foreign languages would be able to understand the wonderful thing that God had done.
Some in the assembly at Corinth, because of worldliness, seemed to enjoy displaying the various gifts that they had received from the Lord for the blessing of the assembly. Tongues was one of those gifts which would attract much public attention. This was never the mind of God, and Paul uses this whole chapter to correct the wrong way in which tongues were used at Corinth.
Paul said gifts used in the assembly were to edify the assembly. Speaking an unknown language (tongue) in the assembly did not edify the believers. So Paul would rather speak five words that could be understood and edify than ten thousand in an unknown tongue. If an unbeliever came in and heard them speaking a strange language, he would not understand and think they were out of their mind. But if he heard words of prophecy in his own language, he would recognize that God was among them.
All things were to be done in an orderly way in the presence of the Lord and, thus, no more than two or three were to speak with tongues or prophesy. If no one was available to interpret for one who spoke with tongues, that one was to remain silent.
1. According to what measure is a believer to prophesy? Romans 12:___
2. What did the Apostle John have to do before he could prophesy to many nations and peoples? Revelation 1:___
3. The Corinthian believers seemed to love to make a display of their gifts. What did the brethren of the Lord Jesus want Him to do to prove that He was the Messiah? John 7:___
4. Paul had an earnest desire that the assembly might be blessed and strengthened. What was one of Paul’s daily occupations?
2 Corinthians 11:___
5. Paul had given all these instructions to the Corinthians because he wanted the assembly there to be characterized by a beautiful order. What was one of the things that brought Paul joy in the assembly at Colosse? Colossians 2:___