1 Corinthians 2 and 3 - February 5, 1995

 •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 8
We continue our study of First and Second Corinthians. Paul loved the Corinthian believers very much, for they had been saved through his preaching and he was their spiritual father. He had deep affection and concern for them and their spiritual welfare.
Worldliness (carnality) was a very serious problem in Corinth. Though the believers there had much intelligence and gift, even in spiritual things, they had become proud and were glorying in themselves and their abilities. This led to the allowance of many very serious sins which the beloved Apostle brings before them that they might repent of their ways.
We also want to remember the beautiful moral order of the placement of these epistles in our Bible. In Romans, the way a holy and righteous God can reach out in blessing to lost mankind is presented. Then, in First and Second Corinthians, the proper conduct of those who belong to the Lord and form His assembly here is given.
1. There was nothing about Paul’s preaching which attracted the attention of the heathen Corinthian world, for it was given out in much weakness and without human eloquence. The “mystery” of God’s wisdom could only be understood and received by the work of the Holy Spirit in men’s hearts. The Lord Jesus in an earlier time had thanked the Father because what He had spoken had been hidden from the “wise” of this world. To whom had those things been revealed? Luke 10:___
2. Paul taught the Corinthians that the natural man cannot receive the things of the Spirit of God. Natural man treats God’s wisdom as foolishness. What “treasures” are “hid” in Christ? Colossians 2:___
3. Paul had wished to speak about spiritual things to the Corinthians, but because of their worldly lives he was unable to do so. How does God characterize believers’ friendship with this world? James 4:___
4. The Corinthians’ worldliness was proven by their jealousy, arguments and divisions with each other. No doubt each group in the Corinthian assembly thought themselves more gifted, spiritual and wiser than all the others. One group held Paul for their head while another held Apollos for theirs. Where should believers keep their hearts’ affections fixed? Colossians 3:___
5. The Corinthians were the building of God; Paul had laid the foundation -Christ - and there were those in Corinth who were building on this foundation. Because of their worldliness, they were not using good materials (such as gold and silver) and the day would come when their work would be tested by God and would be destroyed by the fire of His righteous judgment. If a believer wishes to be a “vessel” fit for the use of his Master, from what must he separate (2 verses)? 2 Timothy 2:___