1 Timothy 4

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Some people in the church whom the apostles thought were believers started to teach bad doctrines. They told lies. They made rules that do not agree with Scripture, saying you should not eat meat. But God created animals for food, and He says we should pray before we eat and give thanks to God for His provision of food. The food is sanctified by the Word of God and prayer, so the food is acceptable for us to eat. This is why we give thanks for food before we eat it.
Get your instructions for godly living from the Word of God. There is benefit to exercising the body, but we will eventually die anyway. It is more important to have godliness because our spiritual life will live forever.
Even when you are young, you should not act foolishly or be immature. You should act in a way that would let people know that you are a Christian. You can witness to others with words, but they should also see the love you have for others and the way you treat other people. It is important for others to see you have a pure life that does not drink, smoke, do drugs, fight, lie, cheat on tests or steal and that you have the faith to defend what you believe. It is important to attend meetings where the Bible is read and explained. Then we need to meditate or think about the things we are taught and apply them to our own life and practice them.
1. What is seared with a hot iron that makes a hypocrite tell lies? __________   1 Timothy 4:___
2. What should food be received with? __________   1 Timothy 4:___
3. What promises us profit or benefit in this life and in our life after the Lord Jesus comes? __________   1 Timothy 4:___
4. Even though we are young, we can still be an example of the __________.   1 Timothy 4:___
5. Paul encouraged Timothy to __________ on the things he wrote him and give himself __________ to them so that his __________ would be apparent to all.   1 Timothy 4:___