1 Timothy 5

 •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 6
We must learn how to behave towards other people. Godly older men and women should be respected like a father or mother. The young man Timothy should treat young women with all purity. We all should remember to keep our behavior pure.
Piety is kindness that children show to their parents when they are old. To requite your parents means to give back to your parents what they gave to you. Your parents fed and clothed you and cared for you. When your parents get old or have poor health, you may need to provide a place in your home where they can live with you so you can care for them.
A lady whose husband has died is a widow. If an older widow is in the assembly and has no children to support her, but she has done many good works, raised children, had many guests in her home, and helped the sick, the Bible says she is a widow indeed. That means that because she has been a big help to the people of God, the church should assist her with money.
Responsible men who study the Word of God and teach in the assembly meetings should be given honor. If an elder does a bad sin and there are two or three witnesses, he should be publicly scolded so others would fear to sin against God.
Paul told Timothy to get to know a person before laying hands on him to give him responsibility in the assembly. Get to know a person before becoming friends so you will not choose bad friends and become associated with their sins. God says we should keep ourselves pure.
1. Who in the assembly should we treat kindly like a father? __________   1 Timothy 5:___
2. What should young men treat young women with? __________   1 Timothy 5:___
3. What should we give to an elder who rules well in the assembly? __________   1 Timothy 5:___
4. How many witnesses should there be to accuse an elder in the assembly? __________   1 Timothy 5:___
5. How does God want us to keep ourselves, in avoiding other people’s sins? __________   1 Timothy 5:___