1 Timothy 6

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Christian servants or employees should respect their bosses and obey them so that the name of God and His doctrine of the Bible are not blasphemed. To blaspheme is to speak badly about God and His teachings.
In verses 3-5, Paul warns against listening to teachers who disagree and argue about the meaning of words, mix up doctrines and teach a “prosperity gospel” that if you are good you will be successful. But God says godliness with contentment is much better to get than money. When we were born, we had nothing, and when we die, we can take nothing with us into heaven or hell.
Instead of loving money and trying to be rich in this world, we should be content with food and raiment. Raiment includes clothing and a house to live in. If you love money, you will be tempted to cheat other people, tell lies and do many other bad things to get rich. You will forget about following the Lord and you will have more worries and problems in life. Paul advises us to follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience and meekness. God wants us to be rich in good works, give to those in need and be willing to share what we have with others.
Evolution is an example of false science, as it is opposed to both the truth of creation and the fact that God the Creator maintains the universe by His word of power.
1. Christian servants should respect and obey their bosses so that God and His doctrine are not __________.   1 Timothy 6:___
2. __________ with __________ is great __________.   1 Timothy 6:___
3. We should be able to be content if we have what two simple things? __________   1 Timothy 6:___
4. Since we should not try to get riches, what six things should we follow? __________   1 Timothy 6:___
5. Evolution is opposed to the truth of creation. God calls it false __________.   1 Timothy 6:___