13. Unending Praise Be Thine

S. M.
UNENDING praise be Thine,
Eternal Son, we say;
Who came to bring the true God nigh
And put all sin away.

Ah! Thee the world knew not,
Created erst by Thee;
Its kings and rulers cast Thee out,
And nailed Thee to a tree.

Hadst Thou not then a sphere
By every right Thine own?
`Twas there Thine own from heathen craved
For Thee the cross alone.

Rejected, glorious Lord,
The Savior only Thou,
To God for men far off or near
Alike the heart to bow.

For since Thy blood is shed,
Our sins to faith are gone;
And reconciled we shall be saved:
Thou livest for Thine own.