134. The Man Christ Jesus

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“M. M. R.” As to the expression to which you refer, in Hymn 317, “He wears our nature on the throne,” we have always understood it to mean simply that our blessed Lord Jesus Christ is a real man, in every respect, sin excepted. We do not believe that the writer of the hymn meant anything else but that. Human nature, as seen in us, is vile and sinful. Human nature, as seen in “the man Christ Jesus,” is pure and spotless; but, blessed be God, He wears human nature on the throne, else what should we do I We take it that the statement to which you object, and which, as you say, “the infidel threw back in your face,” rests on the solid basis of Heb. 2:14. This we hold to be a grand foundation truth of Christianity, the which if a man does not believe he is not a Christian at all. We must beware of the tendency to make a man an offender for a word. There is far too much of this in the present day. It is quite right to be zealous and valiant for the truth; but it is poor work to be always hunting for heresy.