2 Corinthians 10-11: August 1996

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In chapters 1011 of 2 Corinthians, the Apostle Paul takes issue with those in Corinth who were questioning his authority as an apostle of Jesus Christ because of the way he appeared. His outward appearance was one of weakness and his speech was not eloquent. Those in the assembly who looked at outward appearances were seeking to question his authority and draw away the believers from following him. He was jealous of the Corinthian assembly that he might present it in holiness and purity to Christ and because he feared that they were listening to the deceit of Satan and were being drawn away from Christ.
This guile was coming through human channels who were placing themselves forward as though they too were apostles and had authority. But their actions were not motivated by love for the saints in Corinth and love for the assembly as the possession of Christ. They were proud of their abilities and possessions, but had not gone through any suffering for the assembly or for Christ. They were being used of Satan, the angel of light, to draw away the hearts of the Corinthian believers.
This causes Paul to rehearse the sufferings through which he passed in his love and service to his Lord. The Corinthians were to judge, not by outward appearances, but by this kind of service and devotion.
1. Some in Corinth, despising the Apostle Paul because of his weak bodily appearance, tried to set aside his authority as an apostle. They gloried in powerful appearances and eloquent speech. What kind of physical appearance did Saul, the first king of Israel, have? 1 Samuel 10:___
2. What does Isaiah prophetically say concerning the way in which the Jews viewed the Lord Jesus when He came to them to be received as Messiah?
Isaiah 53:___
3. While men will look on outward appearances when they make their judgments, where does the Lord look? 1 Samuel 16:___
4. Satan has transformed himself into an angel of light, presenting that which is beautiful and glorious to the eyes of man. What is the sad result in the minds of men when they hear the gospel of Jesus Christ, the lowly and despised Man? 2 Corinthians 4:___
5. Paul commands that those who would glory should glory in the Lord. What does Paul tell the Galatian believers that he glories in? Galatians 6:___