2 Corinthians 7-8

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The apostle exhorted the Corinthians to see that their manner of life was beyond reproach in body and spirit, walking in holiness in the fear of God.
The apostle yearned for the saints to understand that the discipline that was exercised in Corinth was for the good of the assembly. He was not an offender; he desired for them to receive him. "Receive us," [he says], "we have wronged no man." This was not spoken to offend them but to gain them. He came with the credentials of righteousness and love to minister Christ to them. This should always be so.
In the midst of the troubles at Macedonia, Paul received the comforting word from Titus of the happy, restored state of Corinth; not only was Titus comforted by them, but the saints sent their love to the Apostle Paul. The visit of Titus to Corinth was a real awakening of the spirits of the saints.
Paul let them know that although he had to correct the wrong, it was with his deep affection and desire for their eventual good. Titus was also moved to more affection toward them. The apostle rejoiced that he had confidence in them in all things.
2 Corinthians 8
Being on the way to Jerusalem, the apostle exhorted the saints to prepare gifts for the relief of the Jewish brethren, sending Titus to gather the gifts. Paul had brethren from other churches with him so that no one could question the integrity of anyone in the matter.
It was this journey to Jerusalem that brought on the troubles for the apostle. Being imprisoned he wrote the epistles: Ephesians, Philemon, Colossians, and Philippians.
Although the apostle asked the saints to give to the brethren in Judea for their relief, he told the Corinthian saints that it was not that they should be burdened and the others eased but that there might be an equality to relieve those in Judea. God loves a cheerful giver. Each shall reap according as he sowed.
Paul commended the saints at Corinth to God and His goodness Who was able to make them abound in all things and bring thanksgiving to God.