2 Thessalonians 3

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We can pray for the spread of the gospel and for safety for those who preach it. Not all men are faithful, but the Lord Jesus is faithful and He will keep us from the power and evil of Satan. We should use the love of God to care for others while we patiently wait for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Verse 7 says it is necessary for you to follow us; that means you should follow the teachings of the apostles. In today’s churches, many people have given up practicing the apostles’ doctrine.
Some people did not go to work at their job. This was wrong. They became busybodies who talked about what everybody else was doing. They expected the church to support them. Lazy Christians who will not work should not be supported by the church.
Avoid being with people who talk badly about others. We want them to stop doing this and to speak good things. Do not be discouraged by the lazy people in the church and those who speak badly of others. Continue in well-doing. Well-doing is using energy to do the right thing. We should do good and help those who are truly in need.
Paul continued to preach the Word of God. He also had a small business to support himself so he would be an example to these Christians. Paul prays that there would be peace between people in the assembly. Paul wanted them to enjoy the presence of the Lord and to have grace with one another.
1. We will be established and kept from evil because the Lord is __________.   2 Thessalonians 3:___
2. Who should we be patiently waiting for? __________   2 Thessalonians 3:___
3. Paul and his friends worked to support themselves so that these Thessalonian believers would __________ their good example.   2 Thessalonians 3:___
4. “Weary” means to get tired and stop. What should we not be weary in? __________   2 Thessalonians 3:___
5. The writer of this letter signed it with his own hand. Who was this letter from? __________   2 Thessalonians 3:___