2 Timothy 1

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Paul calls Timothy “my dearly beloved son.” Paul thanks God for the memories he had of the faithful young man Timothy. Paul prayed night and day for Timothy. It is good for us to pray for one another.
Timothy first learned about living for Christ from his mother Eunice and his grandmother Lois. We need to listen to our mothers and grandmothers when they tell us about the Lord Jesus. Timothy really had faith in God; he did not just pretend. God has not given us Christians the spirit of fear, but God has given us the spirit of power to live like a Christian, love to show God’s love to others, and a sound mind to understand God’s will.
We should not be ashamed of telling other people about the Lord Jesus, because He is the One who saved us by His grace. Jesus died and rose again, and through His death He brought us life. We heard this message when someone told us the gospel. Don’t be ashamed of Jesus. We know Jesus, and we believe He will keep us saved until the day He comes to take us to heaven. Commit your life to Him.
The form of sound words is an outline of truth we have so we know how to live like a Christian and how to worship according to the Word of God. Phygellus and his friend Hermogenes decided that they would not follow the Apostle Paul’s teachings. All the Christians in Asia turned away from Paul to disobey the Word of God. We need to be faithful and hold fast to believe and practice the truth taught by Paul.
1. Who did Paul call his dearly beloved son? __________   2 Timothy 1:___
2. What was the name of the mother of Timothy? __________   2 Timothy 1:___
3. God has not given us a spirit of fear, but what three things has God given to us to be bold Christians? __________   2 Timothy 1:___
4. What three things was Paul appointed to be for the Gentiles? __________   2 Timothy 1:___
5. What do we need to do with the form of sound words (which is an outline of truth)? __________   2 Timothy 1:___