2 Timothy 3

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The first seven verses sound as if they are speaking about unbelievers who have never heard the gospel, but no, these verses could be about people brought up in Christian homes. They say they are Christians, they know verses, and they know how a Christian should behave, but they are never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. These are perilous days, which means dangerous days for true Christian believers because you might have some friends who pretend to be Christians. Friends who pretend to be Christians can be dangerous as they may seem to be good people but could pressure you to do bad things. You may think it is okay because they are your friends. If you live a godly life in Christ Jesus, you will be persecuted by the world that hates the Savior. If you desire to follow the Lord Jesus, you may also suffer rejection from your friend, who you thought was a Christian.
We are encouraged to continue in the things we learn, as children, from the holy Scriptures. All the Scriptures in the Bible have been inspired by God. That means God told certain men exactly what to write to us in the Bible. The Word of God tells us we can only be saved through faith in Christ Jesus. After we are saved, the Bible is used to guide and correct us. The Bible teaches us to be perfect, and it furnishes or prepares us to do good works.
1. Which days will be perilous or dangerous times for true Christian believers? __________   2 Timothy 3:___
2. Pretending Christians are ever learning, but they are never able to come to __________.   2 Timothy 3:___
3. What will you suffer if you live a godly life in Christ Jesus? __________   2 Timothy 3:___
4. Having learned the truth from godly parents or other Christians, we need to __________ in those very things that we have learned and been assured of.   2 Timothy 3:___
5. We are not saved by being raised in a Christian home, but by the holy __________ through __________ which is in Christ Jesus.   2 Timothy 3:___