2 Timothy 4

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The Apostle Paul told Timothy to be instant or ready to preach the Word of God and to do the work of an evangelist. We can all be evangelists and tell others that the Lord Jesus is the Savior of sinners.
Paul was close to the end of his life, so he says he would soon depart from this world because he knew he was going to be put to death. Paul had confidence that he would be happy after death. He did not waste his life doing selfish things. Paul had fought a good fight of faith in service for the Lord, and he knew he was going to receive a reward — a crown of righteousness. If you love the appearing of the Lord Jesus, when He comes with His saints to reign in His glory as king over all the earth, you also will receive a crown of righteousness.
Paul asks Timothy to come and see him soon. Paul was in prison, so he needed others to help him in his service for the Lord. Demas had helped Paul, but he deserted Paul to enjoy the pleasure of the world. Only Luke remained, so Paul wanted Timothy to bring Mark to help in the ministry.
Timothy was asked to bring the books and the parchments. Parchment is a thin material made from animal skin. It is used for the pages in a book. They used to write books on parchment. Paul was busy in prison reading and writing. He wrote some of the books of the Bible while he was in prison.
1. Telling others about the Lord Jesus is doing the work of an __________.   2 Timothy 4:___
2. What did Paul say was at hand when he knew he was going to be killed? __________   2 Timothy 4:___
3. Who did Paul tell Timothy to bring with him to help him in ministry? __________   2 Timothy 4:___
4. What did Paul especially want Timothy to bring him, along with the books? __________   2 Timothy 4:___
5. Paul encouraged Timothy to use diligence to come to him before __________.   2 Timothy 4:___