21. The Church's Place

“J. J.,” Montreal. Your two questions are exceedingly interesting, and far too important to be discussed in the brief space allotted to our correspondents. We believe the place of the Church is quite unique. It is formed by the Holy Ghost sent down from heaven consequent upon the death and resurrection of Christ, and. His session at the right hand of God. It is built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, and the boundaries of its existence down here are Pentecost and the rapture. The saints of the Old Testament will have their own place assigned them in the dispensational wisdom of God. He names and fixes the place and portion of “every family in heaven and earth.” They could not possibly belong to a body which had no existence till after their time. They will have part in the first resurrection and in heavenly glory; but the Church must ever occupy its own peculiar place as the body and bride of Christ. Wondrous place! May we enter more into it, and walk more worthy of it With regard to your second question, we are disposed to judge that the saints of the Old Testament, and even the apostles themselves, previous to the descent of the Holy Ghost, had very imperfect conceptions of the nature and effects of the work of Christ.