26. John 15

“A Constant Reader.” The following, from the pen of a recent writer may help you as to your difficulty in John 15, “The true vine, therefore, is not Israel; quite the contrary, it is Christ in contrast with Israel, but Christ planted on earth, taking Israel's place as the true vine. The Father cultivates this plant, evidently on the earth. There is no need of a husbandman in heaven. Those who are attached to Christ, as the remnant of Israel, the disciples, need this culture. It is on the earth that fruit-bearing is looked for. The Lord, therefore, says to them, Ye are clean already, through the word which I have spoken unto you;'
Ye are the branches.' Judas, perhaps it may be said, was taken away. The others should be proved and cleansed, that they might bear more fruit.
“I do not doubt that this relationship, in principle, still subsists. Those who make a profession, who attach themselves to Christ in order to follow Him, will, if there is life, he cleansed; if not, that which they have will be taken away.” (Synopsis of the Books of the Bible, vol. 3. page 491.)