56. Jesus Who Lives Above the Sky

Jesus who lives above the sky,
Came down to be a man and die,
And in the Bible we may read
His love to those who were in need.
He went about—He was so kind—
To cure poor people who were blind;
And many who were sick and lame,
He pitied them and did the same.
And more than that, He told them too
The things that God would have them do;
And was so gentle and so mild,
He would have listened to a child.
He knew how wicked man had been,
And knew that God must punish sin;
So out of pity Jesus said
He'd bear the punishment instead.
But such a cruel death He died!
He was hung up and crucified;
And those kind hands that did such good,
They nailed them to a cross of wood.
And so He died, and rose again;
He lives on high at God's right hand;
Soon He'll return for us from heaven—
For those whose sins have been forgiven.