A Beautiful Story

Hebrews 13:1
There were two brothers, farmers both. One brother had a family; the other had none. On a certain spot was sown a field of wheat. On the evening after the harvest — the wheat having been gathered in separate shocks — the elder brother said to his wife, “My younger brother is unable to bear the burden and heat of the day — I will arise, take of my shocks and place them with his without his knowledge.”
The younger brother was moved by the same benevolent motives and said within himself, “My elder brother has a family, and I have none. I will arise, take of my shocks and place them with his.”
Judge of their mutual astonishment, when, on the following day, they found their respective shocks undiminshed. This transpired for several nights, when each resolved in his own mind to stand guard and solve the mystery. They did so; and on the following night they met each other half-way between their respective shocks with their arms full. Alas! in these days, how many would sooner steal their brother’s whole shock than add to it a single sheaf!