A Conscience Healed by the Atonement

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Oh, there is a bed that was hewn in stone,
Where He lay who was nailed to the tree!
'Twas there my Lord lay, all alone,
And there's the rest for me.
And there was a dew, all silvery bright,
It fell on plain and lea;
They gathered it fresh at the morning light,
And sweet's its taste to me.
And there was a rushing mighty wind,
It blew o'er a bloody sea;
It breathes a calm for my troubled mind,
A comforter for me.
And there was a gale, when the day-star rose;
His shining clear I see;
My mind in His beams revives and glows,
And all is life with me.
And there was a flower which sprung from the tomb,
When the days had numbered three;
Upon my heart that flower shall bloom:
Eternal joy for me.