A Good Choice

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 4
A well-known professor says that if a fairy were to offer him a choice of gifts for his baby boy, he would choose—what? "A good digestion!"
Friend, for what would you ask?
Solomon, the wisest of men, tells of a dream he had. In it God said to him: "Ask what I shall give thee."
Do you know what he chose? "A wise and understanding heart."
This pleased God and He added riches and honor. "And Solomon awoke and behold it was a dream."
Was this a disappointment to King Solomon? No. Solomon believed God and expressed his gratitude by thank offerings. His faith was rewarded, as it always will be.
Have you thanked God for His many daily mercies to you? Why not?
Oh, LOVE that now extendeth
A pardon full and free,
And bends with eyes of mercy
On sinners such as we.