A Good Old Love Story

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After I had lain for some weeks in a hospital the nurse-in-charge inquired of me, one Lord’s Day morning, whether I would like to get up for a short while, and to be back into bed by dinner-time, so as to be ready for my friends when they came to see me, as it was visiting-day.
“Yes,” I replied, “I should much like to do so.”
In the next bed to mine lay a poor ungodly man. He openly confessed that there existed nothing beyond this life for him, and that when he died, he would be buried like a dog. He knew well that he was rapidly passing away through consumption, and yet he only used the name of God in oaths and curses.
Upon seeing me nearly dressed, he exclaimed,
“No. 16, will you go to the bookcase, and get me some book or other?”
I promised that I would, if my injured legs would carry me as far, and at the same time, looking up to the Lord for strength, I asked him,
“What kind of book would you like?” His answer was,
“A good old love-story—a jolly old love-tale.”
I began to reproach myself for having asked him what kind of book he would like; it would have been better, perhaps, had I made the choice; but I felt I could not go from my promise.
The nurse having left the ward for a few minutes, I got as far as the bookcase, and then once more looked up to God my Father for His guidance as to what book to take back to the poor fellow. The moment that I opened the bookcase door, John 3:1616For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. (John 3:16) came to my mind:
I reached a Bible that I noticed in the bookcase, and opening it at John 3:1616For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. (John 3:16), I gave it to the man, fully expecting to have it thrown at my head. I knew the kind of man he was, for I had spoken to him of the Word of Life before.
For some little while he seemed dumbfounded and only stared at me. At length he ejaculated,
“You are a fair knock-out!”
I do not think I shall ever forget his look as he said it.
The Lord now encouraged me to speak a few words, telling him that was “the truest love-tale” that had ever been written, or ever would be!
He seemed to be greatly upset, and I believe that the power of the Holy Spirit was deeply convicting him of sin.
Within an hour of my being dressed I was ordered back into bed by the nurse. My part was done; God in His wondrous love had used me—one of his weakest ones both spiritually and bodily—to get him “the true love-story,” but it remained for the Holy Spirit to complete the work for the Lord’s glory.
For about three weeks I was not well enough to be out of bed again.
The poor man continued all this time to read the Word of God whenever awake. Often when he fell asleep the Bible would be lying open upon his chest or be still clasped in his hands.
The nurse would sometimes remove it while he was sleeping, but as soon as he awoke, he would give the nurse no rest until she had again handed it to him.
Then followed by leaving the hospital for a convalescent home, an event which caused him to say how much he wished he were going with me. But I could obtain no word from him to show that he was resting upon Jesus as his Saviour.
After returning from the appointed stay at the convalescent home, I crawled up into the Ward F. and hoped also to see the sick man.
I found, however, that the bed he had lain in was occupied now by another patient. I asked one of the nurses about him, and she replied that he had died several days previously. As to how he had passed away I could learn nothing from her.
Several weeks elapsed before I had the opportunity of seeing Staff-nurse T—who was a true believer in Jesus. She had been with him when he was called away, and said that his dying bed was one of the happiest that she had ever seen; for he had passed away rejoicing in the one whose name, at one time, he never heard mentioned without swearing at it.
Was not this another “brand plucked out of the fire?”
Yes! and that too by reading the best “Good old Love-Story” the earth has ever had brought to it.
Reader, if you have not heard in your heart this “Love-Story”—if you are still unprepared for Eternity—go to God’s Word and read of Him who loved you and gave Himself for you; and pray that the Holy Spirit may bring home the old, old story with conviction to your heart and soul.
Dear Young Christian, use every opportunity to tell of your blessed Lord Jesus, and what He has done for you, and He will be glorified, and your reward will be great in the coming Day.