A Happy Ending

 •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 5
"And they lived happily ever after." A "happy ending"—now, that's the way for a story to end. All troubles over, all problems solved, all relationships neatly worked out, and nothing ahead but enjoyment of the new and permanent pleasures.
Yes, that's the happy ending of a story, but—life isn't like that.
Life—mortal life—ends very differently. In a hospital or on a sickbed at home—in a crashing accident on the street in a war, or as the victim of a crime—life comes to its suffering, sorrowful end.
Mortal life, that is—the life we have lived in our bodies. But there is another life, a life that does not die, the life of the soul. That life will go on—and one—and on—beyond the utmost limits of our finite minds.
There will be no "happy ending" there; no end will be possible. But there are two choices for that endless existence: it can be spent with God, where there will be "fullness of joy"... where you will be in "the blackness of darkness forever." And the choice is yours.
The choice must be made, too, and made now before your life on earth comes to its end. It is not possible to wait until after death and then say, "Oh, I made a mistake! I don't like the darkness; I wish I had made the other choice. I'm going to change my mind!" It will be too late to cross over; there are no bridges between hell and heaven. If in this life you have refused—or merely neglected—to receive God's offer of eternal life through His Son, Jesus Christ, it will be too late to change—forever too late.
God says, "I have set before you life and death... therefore choose life." Deut. 30:19.