A Hint on Usefulness.

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A KIND correspondent, valuing the truth set forth in Simple Testimony, writes to suggest that each reader should send a copy to two or three Christian friends every month for a year. They might then, so he thinks, become so interested in its contents as to subscribe for it themselves and introduce it to others in their turn. Just when this suggestion reached us we came across the following remarks bearing on this special branch of Christian service:—
“As our days are few, our means limited, our obligations great, and our responsibilities solemn, we should seize every opportunity of doing good to our fellow-men. Much is now done; but much more may be done. We ought to take advantage of every circumstance that offers for the circulation of the truth of God. The present is a reading age. The generality of people will read a tract, but they will not sit down to peruse a folio. The present postal arrangements furnish an opportunity which ought not to be lost. I have found it a means of usefulness, and can recommend it to all my brethren and sisters in Christ.
“Let our motto be, 'Circulate, circulate, circulate.' Follow every tract with prayer, and the God who heareth prayer will send you an answer of peace. The way is clear, the path is plain, the means are provided, and difficulties there are none. Reader, will you adopt this mode of doing good? Will you begin to-day? Supply yourself with materials. Remember you are accountable for every talent you possess. If you cannot speak for Christ in company, if you cannot visit the sick for Christ, if you have not property to devote to the cause of Christ—you can enclose a tract in your letter for Christ. Forget not that the Lord is now noticing your thought upon this subject. He will register the conclusion you come to, and how you act in future on this point; you may not before have thought of it. It may never have been presented to your mind; but it is NOW brought before you. Wrap not up this one talent in a napkin, hide not your Lord's, money in the earth, but lay it out for His glory and the spread of His truth. What is laid out for God in time will be found to be laid up for the Christian in eternity.”