A Letter From a Working Man

TWENTY-EIGHT years had I served the devil with all my heart and mind; and then the Lord said, Stop.' He had said so to me many a time before; but this time His voice sounded loud in my soul: Stop and listen; hear what I have got for you. If you go on serving Satan you will be lost; but if you trust Christ and His work on the cross, you shall have eternal life.'
“The preacher came to me that evening and said, 'Do you know Christ as your Savior?’ The thought came to me, Say, Yes.' But I could not in truth; so I said, No.' Then we knelt to pray; but I could not get out a word—my heart was too full. At last, from the depths of my heart I cried, Lord, save me ' And He did save me, there and then—and my dear brother, too—that same evening.
“Now, I often think that if men did but know how wicked I had been, they would say as I say—that I deserved hell, and not heaven; hut, thank the Lord, in His great mercy He has saved a big, black, hell-deserving sinner like me.
“I write these few words so that, if there are any dear souls where you are that think they are too bad to be saved, you may tell them there is none too bad for Jesus, or I should have been turned back; but, thank the Lord, He has saved me—not for a day, but forever!”