A Letter From the House of Affliction

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With pleasure I write thanking you for your publication, WORDS OF FAITH, for the help and comfort of believers, so much needed in this day of evil. But I am especially pleased with your invitation to any servants of the Lord Jesus, because I believe this is precious to Himself. Him who should be the delight of our heart, and the object of our life—yea, our only life. And who is more worthy than He? How blessed if believers, disciples, and brethren (who are saved by grace, through the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, and called unto His fellowship) would always, and in everything, make room for Him; let Him take His proper place—the lead—particularly in the gatherings. What glory for Himself, and what joy and blessing to His disciples, would be the result!
Beloved, I feel it a great pleasure to write in answer to your invitation; and I do indeed sympathize with you, and wish that all who minister through your magazine, may have Him before them, and be at His disposal to lead them; that it may be abundantly blessed, not only to the help and comfort of believers, in this day of evil and difficulty; but also to the establishing in the path of faith of the servants of the Lord Jesus Christ, to the glory of God the Father.
Although in very humble and peculiar circumstances, I write to you as a brother and disciple, and am confident in obedience to Him you write so well of in your magazine. Not that I am in a position, or consider myself able, as far as human ability is required, to administer anything; but because I am interested in the welfare of the Lord's people. And although alone, as far as they, my brethren, are concerned (a stranger unto my brethren, forgotten as a dead man out of mind, like the slain that lie in the grave; esteemed stricken, smitten of God and afflicted), yet I am not alone: not only the Son, but the Father is with me. And therefore, being with Him in peace and joy myself, I am deeply concerned in the condition and character of God's people in the world.
Because I am associated with Him, who was delivered for their offenses, and raised again for their justification, and who is " the resurrection and the life," I am interested in them because of what they are to Himself, and what they are to God His Father and our Father; what they are in righteousness, and what they are as the church—the bride of Christ. March, 1882.