A Letter to Young Believers

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"In our country Christians are despised." This was spoken softly by a young man recently in our home. As he told us why, we were saddened and exercised anew as to the power for good or evil of a "Christian'.' testimony.
This, young man, Altaf Hussain, is from Pakistan, and was a devout. Moslem. About two years ago he came to the United States to complete his studies in international law. On a university campus he met a Christian of a different sort than those he'd known in his own country or had previously met in the U.S.A. Altaf envied this Christian for the joy and quiet peace he possessed. His new friend led him into a study of the Scriptures.
Altaf believed that Jesus Christ would one day return to the world, but his new Christian friend successfully pointed out to him the fact that there must be an important reason for this. When he learned that the Lord Jesus was returning the second time as the Savior of His people, his eyes were opened to see Him as the One who had died for his sins and had risen and was returning to take those who had received Him as Savior to glory.
The reality of his conversion is obvious! His desire now is to live to the will of God and to testify to others of the love of God in the gift of His Son Jesus Christ as the only Savior of sinners.
Altaf realizes now that those "Christians" he'd known in his country were but "professors" and not "possessors" of Christ. In Pakistan these professing Christians are called "Paper Tigers" because of their ungodly and worldly ways. This false profession has turned a great many of his people against Christianity.
Oh! my dear friends, is our Christianity real, or are we too just "Paper Tigers"-no earthly good to God or men? Satan has no more effective weapon against the cause of Christ than the worldly and lukewarm Christian. How this should exercise the hearts and consciences of those of us who know Jesus Christ as our own precious Savior, to have our eyes upon Him and bring honor to Him.
"You are living a gospel, a chapter each day;
By the deeds that you do, by the words that you say,
Men read what you are, whether faithless or true.
Say, what is the gospel according to you?"
Affectionately in the Lord,