A Parting Word

1 Corinthians 15:58  •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 8
CO 15:58{I have one word to press on you before going away " Be ye steadfast, un moveable." Hour hearts are not close to Christ, we are apt to get weary in the way. All is a vain show around us; but that which is inside abides, is true, is the life of Christ. All else goes! When the heart gets hold of this fact, it becomes (as to things around) like one taken into a house to work for the day, performs the duties well, but passes through, instead of living in the circumstances.
To Israel, the cloud came down, they stayed; it lifted up, on they went, it was all the same to them, why? because had they stayed when the cloud went on, they would not have had the Lord with them-one may be daily at the desk for fifty years, yet with Christ,—doing God's will it is a great thing. Whether I go or you go, I stay or you stay, may that one word be realized in each of us. " Steadfast, unmoveable." In whatever sphere as matter of Providence we are found, let the divine life be manifested—Christ manifested—that abides, all else changes, but that life remains and abides forever, aye forever.
There is not a single thing in which we have served Christ which shall be forgotten—lazy, alas! we all are in service, but all shall come out that is real and what is real in us is Christ and Christ only. The appearance now may be very little, not much even in a religious view, but what is real abides and our hearts clinging closely to Christ, we shall sustain one another in the Body of Christ, the love of Christ shall hold the whole together-Christ being everything, and we content to be nothing, helping one another, praying one for the other. I ask not the prayers of saints, 1 reckon on them.
The Lord keep us going on in simplicity, fulfilling as an hireling our day, till Christ shall come, and then shall every man have praise of God—" Praise of God!" Be that our object; and may God knit all our hearts together thoroughly and eternally.